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The Weekly World News — “Punk Rockers Busted For Pooping On Stage” — Jack Alexander (15 October, 1991)

Punk Rockers Busted For Pooping On Stage

A punk rock musician from the aptly named group, Toilet Rockers, dropped his drawers and defecated during a performance and tossed his feces into the crowd.

A jury in Milwaukee, Wis., convicted weirdo Kevin Allin, also known as G.G. Allin, 34, of disorderly conduct after viewing a video of his performance. He could be fined $1,000 and jailed for 90 days. “He also threw a beer bottle into the crowd, acted like he was masturbating while wearing nothing but a loin cloth and dragged a woman up on stage and jumped her,” said Prosecutor Michael Steinhafel.

The disgusting performance occurred two years ago at the Odd Rock Café, which is out of business as is Allin’s rock band.

“We feel that Allin is a serious performer, and there’s serious artistic value to what he does,” said defense attorney Peter Goldberg.

Goldberg said Allin’s behavior follows in tradition of other avant-garde artists who have incorporated excrement into their work. He cited Shakespeare, Aristophanes and Samuel Beckett.

“If this is art,” Steinhafel said, “can Mr. Allin go rent a corner of the art museum and fling feces at people as they go by?”

— Jack Alexander

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