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The Washington Square News — “Naked Performer Kicked out of Loeb” — Kimberly Seals (08 Nov, 1991)

Naked Performer Kicked Out Of Loeb

A nude performer, who put bananas into his anus, threw a chair into the audience and broke a woman’s eye-glasses was stopped by NYU Protection Services guards and escorted out of South Lobby in Loeb Student Center last night.

GG Allin, part of the Program Board’s NYU Music concert, is known for using human feces, blood and even rape and masturbation during his performances, supporters said.

Many of Allin’s fans claimed that this type of behavior should be expected and Allin should not have been booked by the Program Board if he wasn’t going to be allowed to perform. At one point, supporters chanted, “Free GG, Free GG.”

“Anyone who knows him, knows what he’s about,” said Brian Hunter, a friend of Allin’s who added that the performer was released from jail in July after serving a two-year sentence on assault and indecent exposure charges.

Hunter added that he saw Allin, at another performance, grab the head of someone in the audience and forced them to perform fellatio on him.

Tom Hunter, a musician and friend of Allin, said “his music is for freaks, faggots, drunks and junkies.”

“He’s a really fun performer who has been a legend for over ten years,” said Eric Swenson, an NYU employee.

Thumper, a fan who started a collection in case Allin needed bail money, said that “GG is God. The only true hard core rock and roller left.”

A member of the Program Board said that Allin was booked to film a documentary and that they were assured by the director that Allin would not do anything obscene. However, Allin told Protection Services that his director said, “it is a college atmosphere, you can get as crazy as you want, it will be great on film.”

Schnirman said that it was a “one time incident,” and that the Program Board is “always very cautious and will continue to scrutinize who we put on. The fact it happened is part of producing events.”

Sgt. Ronald Songen on NYU Protection Services added that although the problem may have been a miscommunication between the parties that booked Allin, “indecent exposure is indecent exposure.”

According to Price Garland, field supervisor for NYU Protection Services, the show was stopped around 8:15 p.m. after Program Board supervisor Dave Schnirman was in South Lobby when Allin removed his clothes. Allin threw a chair that hit one person in the audience and just missed Program Board president Rebecca Heller’s face. Schnirman asked the Protection Service officers at the show to stop the performance and notify police.

He reportedly felt Allin might endanger the audience.

“The program board is not into endangering, we’re into entertaining,” Schnirman said.

“I am shocked to see such a reaction from such a so-called liberal college,” said Linda Trevino, a School of Continuing Education student.

During the show, Allin also took a woman’s glasses and then stomped them on the floor because she didn’t give him any money, she said.

The woman filed a complaint but did not press charges.

According to Songen, Allin had paid restitution to cover the price of the glasses and was not arrested. Allin signed an agreement to never return and was escorted out the back exit of Loeb by Protection Services and yelled out, “F— the police, smash the system, f— this place.”

Kimberly Seals

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