Friday 25th September 2020,
GG Allin Archives

The Village Voice — Letter – “Rope A Dope” — Unknown (1986)

Dear Editor,

I was amused to read G.G. Allin’s escalation of his “ideology” in his reponse to RJ Smith’s columns [Letters, November 25]. It reminded me of the time about three years ago when I saw Allin perform in Providence, Rhode Island, before a crowd of angry punks who would have liked nothing better than to tear him limb from limb.

About a week after I read the Voice article, all my friends who listen to underground music were a-twitter over Allin’s reported coprophilla, even though none of them had read the piece. Such was the word-of-mouth power of the article. I guess Allin has now penetrated to a slightly larger audience. Is the underground demand great enough to justify his depraved stupidity on larger stages? The mind boggles.

Perhaps Allin ought to be booked at the Ritz (failing that, Lamour might be a good bet) without delay so that he can be given what he really wants and needs – enough rope to hang himself. I await developments.

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