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The Village Voice #27.38 — “GG Allin: 1956—1993” (06 July, 1993)

GG Allin: 1956-1993

GG Allin and the Murder Junkies’ set at the Gas Station on Sunday lasted about 10 minutes. It was the final gig of the convicted-rapist rocker from New Hampshire, who often performed in the nude. “We were playing ‘Look Into My Eyes and Hate Me,’ and he was doing his usual act,” according to Murder Junkies bassist Merle Allin. “He took a big dump and spread it all over himself and threw it at the crowd. He started punching everybody he could. He put his head through a window. He was covered with shit and blood. Everyone started fighting, and the equipment started getting busted up, so the soundman shut down the power. Then the cops started pouring in from ever angle. It was completely out of hand. GG somehow snuck away, disappearing into the night.”

At nine on Monday morning, Merle got a call from a woman who said she couldn’t wake up the singer-songwriter (“Drink, Fuck, and Fight”; “Tough Fuckin’ Shit”;Freaks, Faggots, Drunks & Junkies). Merle raced over to the Avenue B apartment and found the cold body of his 36-year-old brother. “I was there in 10 minutes, but he wasn’t breathing. He did like eight bags of dope,” Merle told Rockbeat. “So I’m assuming that’s what killed him.” (Police sources said an investigation is continuing.) Asked if his analysis of the death was meant for publication, Merle said, “Sure, but be sure to mention the new album that we just finished recording. It’s called Bloodshed and Brutality for All. Knowing my brother as I do, he’d want as much press as possible off this.”

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