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The USF Oracle — “Allin Brings Touch of Psychosis” — Bonnie Surfus (June, 1989)

Allin Brings Touch Of Psychosis


Musical artist G.G. Allin will appear Saturday, June 17 at Arts Alive in Ybor City. Allin has received attention for his plea that his followers murder in his name. “I want all my people to murder someone in my name before I kill myself on October 31, 1990.” G.G. explains why, how, and where he will allegedly take his life.

In a press release entitled “The Sacrifice” he says, “I believe that it is best to decide your own final end. I will not put my life in the hands of fate. We are not able to have any say in our birth, but we can decide when we want to die, and we should. Why hang around if you’re ready? I will pull my own trigger. I’ve been playing Russian Roulette for a long time now, so I’m ready to break on through to the other side for good. I’m announcing my date with death for Wednesday, October 31, 1990. Midnight. Somewhere in N.Y.C. The stage has been my life, so I will take my life onstage. I will record one more LP to be released the following day. Welcome to my death. See you in Hell.”

Death, rape, violent sexual lyrics, the use of feces onstage, and a ferverent rebellious attitude are the traits that many have come to associate with Allin and his music. Some call it truth; however, some perceive this all as hype, feeling that Allin has taken the darkest aspects of life and manipulated them to his own purposes.

Allin’s words, which seem to support this thought, appear on one of his albums. “I hang out with Jim Beam and I do not record for popularity. I do it for myself only.”

Does G.G. Allin, who has been called the Anti-Christ by some, really want to kill himself? Will he? Fans and foes alike may have to wait until next year to find out.

G.G. Allin appears this Saturday at Arts Alive, 1619 8th Ave. in Ybor City. Also appearing will be The Roidz, Really Smelly Socks, Blemish On Society, and Norman B. The show begins at 9:00. Call 247-4392 for more information.

— Bonnie Surfus

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