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GG Allin — Conversation #3 — Troubled Troubadour, 1990 (Transcript)

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(Part 1, Part 2)

GG Allin: …ok, cool! Basically what I just wanted to know- I wanted to know how it was comin’ along. Ummm… I gotta still send you that guy from Germany’s address, I’ve just been so fuckin’ busy lately with everything.

Interviewer: Mhm.

GG Allin: But I wanna give you that, though. I’m gonna send you — I’ve got a bunch of shit — but I’m gonna send you basically, what the guy I think was the best connection

instead of sending you, coz if youre only pressin’ fifteen hundred records chances of you gettin’ rid of ’em in this country are probably- they’re probably gonna go real quick anyway.

Interviewer: Mhm.

GG Allin:  So uh… But then if you decide to go into more pressings you could probably look into more distributors, I dunno. But is there gonna be a problem with you sending some copies to the P.O. box?

Interviewer: Ah no, of course no, no problems at all.

GG Allin:  Cause I wanna get a few copies and If you can, when you get a completed version of the cover, just send me a copy of the cover here just so I can check it out, and – of course, I can’t get the records, but you can send the records to the P.O. box.

Interviewer: I’ll send you the coloured vinyl ones.

GG Allin:  Yeah, yeah, yeah send the coloured ones to the P.O. box, definitely.

Interviewer: Excellent.

GG Allin:  Definitely. That should be cool…

Interviewer: Actually, there’s gonna be a tiotal of two or three different versions of that.

GG Allin:  Great.

Interviewer: I used the drawings that you sent me in one of your letters.

GG Allin:  Mhm.

Interviewer: I used that as part of the label.

GG Allin:  Ok.

Interviewer: So you’re gonna have 500 red vinyl, with the label that has your drawings.

GG Allin:  Great!

Interviewer: 500 black [vinyl] with the same label…

GG Allin:  Mhm

Interviewer: …And then all the ones printed after that, [will be] black vinyl with the regular standard Mountain Records’ label.

GG Allin:  Cool. You know I’ll do, then, tonight? Let me, uh, I sent you the addresses of those people. What I should do, is send you a couple addresses of some magazines that I know will review it too, like Flipside and you know to send one to Maximum Rock n Roll.

Interviewer: Mhm.

GG Allin:  Yeah there’s been a lot of- I just got a mention in that magazine Metal Mania…

Interviewer: Really?

GG Allin: …which is one of those glossy fuckin’ heavy metal magazines.

Interviewer: I’m surprised.

GG Allin: So there’s a lot of talk goin’ around right now, this is a really good time for this to be coming out.

Interviewer: Yay…

GG Allin: So, I don’t think you’re gonna have any problem gettin’ rid of every one of ’em that you press up.

Interviewer: Cool.

GG Allin: …And, you know, you might even- if you can make money of it- wanna think about goin’ into a second pressing. If you do. You know, that’s somewhere down the road.

Interviewer: Okay. There was those contracts I sent to ya.

GG Allin: Okay.

Interviewer: Did you check ’em out and everything?

GG Allin: I don’t even think I got it yet. When did you send it?

Interviewer: Last week.

GG Allin:  Ah no, I didn’t get it yet. What day did you send it, do ya know?

Interviewer: I think it was Thursday.

GG Allin:  Okay, I’ll probably…- I’ll get it tomorrow then, and I’ll just mail it back to you the day I get it. So I’ll wait then, I’m glad you mentioned it, that way when I get the contract that way I can send those addresses back to you at the same time.

Interviewer: Yeah.

GG Allin:  Okay then, I won’t keep you any longer. I’ll be in touch through the mail. And whenever it comes out, just let me know.

Interviewer: Sounds good.

GG Allin:  Okay?

Interviewer: Okay.

GG Allin:  I’ll talk to ya later.

Interviewer: Bye

GG Allin:  Bye.

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