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GG Allin — Conversation #2 — Troubled Troubadour, 1990 (Transcript)

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(Part 1, Part 3)

Interviewer: Are ya there?

GG Allin: Ya-

Interviewer: Ok. What I wanted to do exactly was to get all of the addresses for myself

GG: Yeah

Interviewer: …and print up my special post cards.

GG: Ok, yeah, cool, cool — I sent you those right?

Interviewer: Mhm

GG: Ok. So you’ve got all those addresses… Yeah, I’ve got  a lot more, on the outside but those are the people I’ve just been, like, in contact with since I’ve been here, so I just figured those are your best bets as far as to what you’ll get a response to.

Interviewer: Yeah. I figured they should get something special for writing in and everything…

GG: Right.

Interviewer: Um… Oh by the way I like the outside of the album that was great

GG Allin: yeah I got a bunch of them Ive been doing them up like that and shit —

GG Allin: Did you see the new Chic magazine

Interviewer: Nah I didn’t get it yet

GG Allin: It’s cool, man, on the cover it says interview with “SICKEST MAN ON EARTH” and then on the inside they’ve got a picture— and it’s a good interview, I mean it’s not too much Rock n’ Roll related, it’s more related to what I’m in here for, and a lot of sexual questions, but I mean that’s understandable for the magazine.

(01:07) Interviewer: Mhm

GG Allin: So, It’s good, though. A lot of people are gonna see that. And the new issue of Rolling Stone even had a short mention me in the random notes,

Interviewer: is that um-

GG Allin: the one with Sinead O’Connor on the cover.

Interviewer: Oh, I better get that.

GG Allin: Yeah, I was reading through it coz we get it in here, it’s one of the few magazines we get in here. And I was reading it, And there was an article on Sonic Youth, and they were talking to Kim Gordon and she was saying it’s really not much — they were askin’ them about their new album, if they were gonna sell out on it — and she responded with something like, I dunno if this is exactly— but something like, you can’t really do too much shake up the underground anymore unless you’re a GG Allin and you can shit on stage and attack women or something’…

Interviewer: hahah

GG Allin: I thought at the outset, maybe she was putting me down, but I liked it, and I figure any kind of mention in rolling stone is uh… y’know is where people are gonna see it.

Interviewer: really.

GG Allin: so yeah, with big bold letters I stand beside George harrison and… hahaha

Interviewer: hahaha

GG Allin: “Yeah — I’m the sickest man on earth! But y’know, I figure this all good, because this’ll help the record, too.

Interviewer: Just like the expression goes: Any press is good press!

GG Allin: Yeah, yeah absolutely, I don’t give a fuck what they say about me. It doesn’t matter, you know? Coz I’ll tell ya, I’m real psyched, I think it’s gonna be a cool record— I really do.

Interviewer: Everybody’s heard it so far, well actually only 2 people have heard it…

GG Allin: Great! Well when I first did that I had to listen to uh… especially “When I Die,” that song there just really sticks out. It’s cool because there’s no drums, there’s no bass, it’s just there… You know? And… I didn’t wanna do any elaborate production.

But I think it’s good enough. I think people will, uh… they’ll either like it or hate it and I guess that’s really all that matters anyway.

But ok, so you’ve got those addresses and just let me know as things progress , let me know when- you know… when you think it’s coming out. And you know, if you need to get to get in touch with me you know where I am…

Interviewer: Ok… and um- yeah, well I got your address anyways…

GG Allin: Yeah, I’m on the phone!

Interviewer: Hahaha

GG Allin: Until they open the gates, and I can get the fuck out of this state so fuckin’ fast, man… I’ll fly out of this cock-suckin’ place!

(3:25) Interviewer: Hey, that drawing you did, I’m very inspired to get it made it into a button.

GG Allin: You can do it, go ahead, go ahead— they just- a guy in North Carolina just came out with a new GG Allin t-shirt, and he sent me a couple… and I’ll tell ya, there’s a lot of t-shirts out, like bootleg t-shirts that I’ve seen, but this one is the best, it’s got a picture of me on the front.

Interviewer: Mhm

GG Allin: And it’s a really, really sleazy looking’ fuckin’ picture – it’s great – it says GG Allin and underneath it says Outlaw Scumfuc, and on the back it’s got another picture of me and it says  “Sickest, most decadent rocker of all time!” – the SPIN article – and underneath that it’s got my prison number, and its got another pic— it’s… man the guy put some fuckin’ money into it and… I dunno, he’s some guy — I may have put that, I dunno if I put his address, he’s from Repo Records… but it’s a cool fuckin’ shirt, I’ll tell ya. I dunno how many he did up — I think he only did up maybe 300 but those motherfuckers go quick.

Interviewer: Repo Records?

GG Allin: Yeah, it’s out in North Carolina

Interviewer: Do you know the address of hand, or?

GG Allin: If I can get him to send me some more copies- I was surprised they got in here, I really was, I was amazed, I didn’t think they’d let it in prison, but I didn’t get it in and I’ll see if I can get you a copy of it, if I can get you one.

Interviewer: Okay.

GG Allin: It’s a… it’s a motherfucker, it’s the best GG shirt I’ve seen, you know, I’ve seen like five or six of them

Interviewer: Let’s see… Repo Records?

GG Allin: Yeah, I think it’s South Carolina, North Carolina, I don’t know what the fuck. I have so many people contacting me lately, I don’t know what the hell’s goin’ on. But… Yeah, so what- do you have any idea what you’re lookin’ at for a release date on this record, or you kind of waitin’ on it now?

Interviewer: Ummm, I’m guessing it’ll be out by the end of this month

GG Allin: Oh great, that quick? Cool…

Interviewer: (05:17)Mhm

GG Allin: Yeah I thought the quicker you get it out, especially right now with all the press, you know? And shit that’s going on, plus uh… you’ll get more once it comes out, you know, just to get it coverage, you know and promotional costs and..

Interviewer: First copy I get’s going right to SPIN.

GG Allin: Good! Yeah, send it to SPIN they may just pick it up on it because it’s different. You know it’s not the same. I hope they do, I hope they do review it. Yeah, send it to Byron there, coz they’ve done a couple of reviews of my stuff before.

Interviewer: Byron?

GG Allin: Yep. Byron Coley

Interviewer: Coley…

GG Allin: The one that does the underground, right?

Interviewer: Oh, okay

GG Allin: Yeah I think maybe send him a copy, I dunno, send it to whoever, you’ve probably got the connections there. Do whatever you gotta do.

(06:07) Interviewer: Ok, you said an old issue of SPIN mentioned you?

GG Allin: Ya, they had – it was, uh… I think it was 1987, it was the same year that raw(?) cassette came out, ’77 and ’78, and on the cover it had, you know.. oh what the fuck’s that asshole’s name that;s married to Chrissie Hynde?

Interviewer: Jim Kerr?


GG Allin: Jim Kerr was on the cover, that may help you and it may not. I’m sorry- it was an August issue or September, I bought it in August… it was probably a September issue and I think it was ’87. They had a whole page, the whole underground was dedicated to me, it had a picture of me. It also had an interview with – um, I forget this other band, too, I’m losing my mind… they mention me in that, I’ve been in SPIN like four times. That one issue was good, it was like a whole fuckin’ page.

Interviewer: Wow.

GG Allin: Yeah there are copies floating around, you know? I’ve got a couple of copies myself, and I know people who have it. You’d probably have to write to them for the back issues.

Interviewer: Oh yeah, they’d probably charge like five bucks or something.

GG Allin: Yeah, even then- you know, there’s also another paper that’s cool, it’s called SCREW, I dont know if you read SCREW?

Interviewer: No, I know the paper though.

GG Allin: It’s like Al Goldsteins porno… fuckin… it’s like the sleaziest newspaper in the country. A couple years ago they did a three page story, and that’s cool too. But that’s another thing that’s hard to find. Somebody sent me a Gol- you read Goldmine, I take it you know what that is…

Interviewer: Sure do

GG Allin: It’s liek a record collectors magazine…

Interviewer: Yeah, I know.

GG Allin: Well somebody sent me something.. .I read that, it was a couple of weeks ago and they- I couldn’t beleive it, they had- a lot of people had my early records in there. Fuck it! They were goin’ for like 50 to 100 bucks, the original copies. And I’m thinkin’ “Man! I wish to fuck I had more copies of those!” Cause if I got arrested, I sold the first copy of my first album for a hundred dollars… and I found out I coulda got two for it. But I thought “Fuck it!” a hundred dollars was good” you know?” for one album, but I guess the goin’ price for any of the old Blood records and Orange record shit now, is like 100 bucks or 200 bucks an album, and like 50 bucks a single. And it’s been out of print since 1984 or 5 and youre talkin like 1000 to 1500 copies, so your chances of finding one are like, you know, fuck youre not gonna do it.

Interviewer: (08:38) Mmm, super slim.

GG Allin: Yeah, no people run into them every once in a while, they tell me I saw one of your records for 25 dollars here, and I’m like “Man! You motherfuckers should of bought that, I would of bought it!” I go to record stores to buy my own albums when I see them that cheap, and I just take them out on the street and sell ’em. There’s even a record that I did before the Jabbers were even together, I think we printed maybe 300 copies of that. I dunno, back in those old days, man, we just prinmted what we could and bought ’em out and sold them on the sidewalks to kids, it doesn’t fuckin’ matter — but  I didn’t know then what I know now! Haha!

Interviewer: Haha—

GG Allin: That fuckin’ kid… But anyway, this new record out now is gonna be collectors item in 20 years… haha… so hold to about five copies. Sell it for about a thousand dollars one day

Interviewer: Really

GG Allin: Nah, it’ll be a cool record though, I’m really lookin’ forward to it comin’ out. Like I said, just get in touch with me, let me know what’s goin’ on, if you need anything else- any mote info, just let me know. And as soon as it comes out — do you have that address in Oaklawn?

Interviewer: Oaklawn?

GG Allin: That PO Box, that you first wrote to I think when you wrote for information…

Interviewer: Actually, I don’t know that one-

GG Allin: Yeah, the first time you wrote- and I think the people at that address sent you some information.

Interviewer: They sent me like 2 or 3 sheets of-

GG Allin: Right…

Interviewer: …one was reviewing one of your tapes where youre knocking your head on a glass bottle on stage.

GG Allin: Right…

Interviewer: …and the other one was like the first letter of every sentence in the paragraph was kinda missing, but it mentioned what happened with you…

GG Allin: Right.

Interviewer: and _____ whole bit here.

GG Allin: Yeah, well if you don’t have that address- cause, I’d like you to send them like five copies of the record, only because that’s really my address, when I get out I’ll get all that. What I do, is everytime something comes out, I have to send it there. I have people there that take care of my stuff, and that way when I get out I’ll get a copy of the record, otherwise by the time I get out the motherfucker probably sold out, and I may not get a copy of it. And I’m not going to get a copy of that in here, they won’t ever let that motherfucker through. So if you don’t have it, I’ll send it to you. You got a pen? I can give it to you right now if you want.

Interviewer: Go ahead.

GG Allin: It’s PO Box 704-

Interviewer: 7-0-4…

GG Allin: …Oaklawn, O-A-K-L-A-W-N, Illinois, 6-0-4-5-4 and just put GG Allin n it. And… yeah, if, you know, if you can just send five copies, I mean, fuck it that’s good enough, just so I’ll have five copies for myself when I get out.

Interviewer: Alright. That’s no problem.

GG Allin: Ok, and uh… you know, just as far as that goes, if you need to get in touch with me or to let me know when it’s comin’ out, then just write to me here at the prison, and I guess we’ll take it from there.

Interviewer: Alrighty!

GG Allin: Alright?

Interviewer: Good enough

GG Allin: Alright, I’ll talk to you again, see you around. Bye.

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