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Thrasher — “GG Allin 1956—1993” — Jon Stain (October, 1993)

GG Allin 1956-1993

“I believe in danger, I believe in being a warrior soul, and that’s how it has always been to me. When I got involved in rock and roll, it wasn’t for the money, it wasn’t for the girls, it was a weapon of revenge. It was how I was going to get back at everybody I hated. As I was growing up my only friend was the music that I created in my head. I got this band together and we just went in and annihilated.

“When I go out on the road, it’s not all about when I will be back. The rock and roll underground will live in me long after I’m dead and gone because my allies will carry it on. There are no laws, there are no rules, it’s time to break down the boundaries. It’s time to spread the rage.”

GG Allin
Jackson Prison
Jackson, Michigan
Winter 1992

GG’s final show was at the Gas Station, a small club in NYC. GG had been doing cocaine all day long getting himself wired up for the show. He had always told me that drugs only weakened a person’s soul, yet I guess he lived a double standard.

I talked to his brother Merle, who played bass in the Murder Junkies, three days after his death. Merle told it like this, “We hit the stage in a fury, GG took out ten people knocking them out cold during the first song, the whole show lasted a total of ten minutes. It ended with a riot that the police could not completely disperse for two hours. GG split to tend to his injuries from the show, he was hurt pretty bad and said he wasn’t going to a hospital but he was going to hang out with some people who had a drug house in the city. At 1 am he was alive and at 4 am he was pronounced purple and dead. It looked like a heroin overdose, but the police said he was so beat up someone could have injected the drugs into his veins while he was unconscious. His funeral was July 3rd, 1993, in Littleton, New Hampshire, where he was buried, in his dog collar and jockstrap.”

GG Allin was a menace to the music industry and a thorn in its side. He was hellbent on breaking the music industry’s back, he spent his last ounce of strength doing so and he died on tour.

— Jon Stain

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