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The Spy-Lyric — “GG Allin on Morton Downey Jr. Show?”  — Billy Dare (1988)

GG Allin On Morton Downey Jr. Show?


When the word got out that producers of television’s popular Morton Downey Jr. Show had invited raunch-rocker G.G. Allin to appear as a guest, the general consensus was, “No Way! “

Everybody polled speculated Morton Downey Jr., who’s built a reputation scorning, “pabulum-puking liberals,” and boasting a crusty, hard-nosed, right wing conservative attitude, was no match for rock ‘n’ roll’s really bad boy, G.G. Allin.

But all waited with bated breath, wondering if, for once in his career, G.G. Allin would behave, or would he resort to his most vulgar onstage antics which, in their mildest form, include public masterbation and urinating on the audience.

“It’s my guess the network people must think it’s (G.G. Allin’s behavior) all a publicity stunt. They probably think once he’s on TV, he won’t dare,” said an acquaintance of the singer who asked not to be identified. “But you have to know G.G. to understand that the fact that he’s on television is all the more reason for him to be gross.”

The segment of G.G. Allin was invited to appear on was slated to deal with censorship of song lyrics. In addition to G.G. Allin, Neil Young was scheduled to appear.

Whereas G.G. Allin’s lyrics, with songs like “Teenage Twat” and “I Wanna Rape You,” are guaranteed to rate star-billing in the PMRC’s worst nightmare, it seemed logical that he’d be invited as a guest on the show. All logic wanes, however, for anyone who knows or has seen G.G. Allin.

Apparently the producers were unaware of what they were getting into because, not only did they agree to have him on the show, but also paid for his transportation from Hooksett, NH to New Jersey where he was put up at The Seacaucus Hotel.

As it happened, G.G. Allin apparently couldn’t wait for taping to begin his antics and, after arriving, completely trashed the hotel room.

A taste of G.G. Allin was all Morton Downey Jr. needed. Word came shortly that the latenight host no longer wanted him on the show. Thus, G.G. Allin was banned from still another venue.

— Billy Dare

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