Friday 25th September 2020,
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Sound Choice #16 — Letter: “Performer for the Wrong Reasons” — GG Allin (Winter, 1991)

Letters – Performer For ‘The Wrong Reasons’

Got the issues you sent. The interview was very representative of who I am. Great to see someone with the fucking balls to print it.

Here’s a quick update on my situation: I was denied parole and [given] a 6 month extension to my already unlawful time putting my out date to May 21, 1991. The parole board said, and I quote, “Mr. Allin, you are a performer for all the wrong reasons.”

Maybe for all their lame boring reasons, but not mine. Who the fuck are they to try and analyze me. That[‘s] how it stands. I still plan on filing a lawsuit against the state for discrimination. Fuck all of these motherfuckers.

Send along the next issue when it comes out. I’ll still be here.


GG Allin – – 206045
P.O. Box 1900
Adrian, MI 49221

P.S. Enigma LP will definitely be out in mid Sept. “Anti Social Personality Disorder”. I’ll make sure you get one when it’s out.

GG: It looks like you’re getting screwed by Enigma, (Join the crowd). We called Enigma to inquire about your record and were told they know nothing about it. We were going to suggest they do a co-promotion and tour with you and their new recording artist David Cassidy. – – D.C.

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