Saturday 26th September 2020,
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Rolling Stone — Random Notes — June, 1993

Since 1981, Sonic Youth has redefined guitar rock, blurring white noise and pop craft into intelligent, controlled mayhem. Having risen to the top of the indie mountain, the Sonics have now jumped to the majors with their new album, Goo, on Geffen’s DGC label. “The hardest part is just learning how to work with a corporation,” says bassist Kim Gordon. “We’ve never even had a manager before. The company was, like, ‘This has to be such a great record.’ Of course, we want a good record too. But it is just a record.” Fans worried about a sellout needn’t. “At a certain point it’s just more interesting to work within the mainstream,” says Gordon. “I mean, how much can you shake up the underground? Unless you do what [performance artist] GG Allin does – shit onstage and attack women.” 

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