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The Orlando Sentinel — “Punk Rock Act Skips Court Date” — Bob Levenson (Jan., 1992)

Two members of a New York City punk rock band arrested last month at an Orlando nightclub for defecating and urinating on stage are wanted again locally, this time for missing court.

Band members Kevin Allin and Donald Sachs were released from the Orange County Jail within 24 hours of their Nov. 18 arrest without bail, in keeping with a jail policy that releases most people charged with minor crimes because of crowded conditions.

Now it’s likely the two, charged with exposing their sexual organs, will wind up behind bars again in Orange County, a sheriff’s spokesman said.

When they were released, Allin and Sachs were given papers telling them to appear in Orange County Court last week for their arraignment. Neither showed up, causing judges to issue new arrest warrants.

Because the two are charged only with misdemeanors, and because they live out of state, the sheriff’s office will not actively look for them, spokesman Jim Solomons said.

The warrants will be entered into a statewide computer available to all law enforcement agencies. If the two are ever arrested again or stopped for a traffic offense in Florida, police presumably would check the computer, find the warrants and hold them until they could be brought back to Orange County.

But that’s about the only way Allin and Sachs likely will see an Orange County courtroom, Solomons said.

“We don’t have the resources and it’s unlikely the state would extradite them for a misdemeanor offense,” he said.

Allin, 35, and Sachs, 37, performed Nov. 18 as part of the group GG Allin and the Murder Junkies at the Club Space Fish Café on Church Street in downtown Orlando.

According to people at the concert and Orlando police, Allin performed nude. The two also urinated and defecated on stage, consumed feces and urine, and threw both at the crowd. Allin smashed a bottle and ground glass into his forehead so heavily that he had to be treated at a hospital for bleeding.

The state Division of Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco revoked the café’s liquor license following the performance, but the club’s majority owner has appealed that decision.

Neither Allin nor Sachs could be reached for comment Monday.

— Bob Levenson

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