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The New York Times — Obituaries: “Kevin Michael Allin – Rock Performer, 37 — The Associated Press (July 1, 1993)

Kevin Michael Allin

Rock Performer, 37

Kevin Michael Allin, an East Village punk rocker known for his over-the-edge stage antics, was found dead on Monday in an apartment on St. Marks Place, the police said. He was 37.

Mr. Allin, whose performing name was G.G. Allin, apparently died of a drug overdose, Sgt. John McCluskey, a New York Police Department spokesman, said yesterday.

Mr. Allin, reared in Lancaster, N.H., recorded with several bands; the lastest was the Murder Junkies. He was arrested during performances more than 50 times on obscenity or assault charges. During one on Sunday at a bar called the Gas Station, he reportedly fought with the crowd and smashed through a French door.

— The Associated Press

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