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The Michigan Daily — “GG Allin Batters Himself, His Audience, His Music” — Chuck Skarsaune (Oct 28, 1988)

GG Allin Batters Himself, His Audience, His Music

Sado-masochist’s latest is the same old thrash/trash grunge-oid noise.

GG Allin — Freaks, Faggots, Drunks, & Junkies
Homestead Records

GG Allin is the (il)logical extension, extrapolation, and end result of the self-and audience-abuse school of music exemplified by Iggy Pop, Sid Vicious, Stiv Bators, etc. GG Allin takes everything to an extreme. Onstage, his act consists of masturbation, deification, urination, rolling in broken bottles, wrist-slashing, and using a microphone stand to batter himself and the audience. Oh yeah, he, uh, signs too. The man is just too fucked up not to be real. The music is standard MC5/Stooges thrash/trash grunge-oid noise and sounds like it was recorded on GG’s jambox in his basement (which it probably was). His lyrics are obscene, scatalogical, and misogynist. They’re also not quite muffled enough because you can still hear what he is saying. GG makes an amazing spectacle out of himself and as a consequence, has been banned from nearly ever place he has ever played. If you want to check out the far, far side of music/performance, here’s your man.

— Chuck Skarsuane

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