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Maximum RockNRoll — ‘Welcome to the Scumpit’ — M. Physema (July, 1992)

MaximumRockNRoll #110 – July 1992

Welcome To The Scumpit

Greetings from the bowels of the world of record collecting. This is M. Physema, and I’ll be your guide in this installment of “Welcome to the Scumpit.” This particular article will shed light on the early recordings of the underground’s most dangerous artist, GG Allin. Mr. Allin’s early recordings are if not next to impossible to locate due to a number of reasons including limited pressings, limited budgets, graphic and explicit content of the material, etc. Now it’s time to put on the hip-waders and the raincoats and dive head first into the early records of GG Allin.

GG Allin + The Jabbers – “Beat, Beat, Beat”/”Bored To Death”/”One Man Army” Blood Records, 1979. This is GG’s first release that was recorded in 1978. This 7″ is next to impossible to find, and when GG unearthed a couple of copies recently, they went for at least $50 each. These 3 songs also appeared on theAlways Was, Is, And Always Shall Be LP.

GG Allin + The Jabbers – “Cheri Love Affair/1980’s Rock ‘N’ Roll” Destiny Records, 1980. This 7″ rocks out – these tracks are not the same versions as on theAlways Was… LP. “Cheri Love Affair” is a great song which is reminiscent of early New York Punk. “1980’s Rock ‘N’ Roll” is almost like the LP version except there is more guitar in the mix and the electric piano isn’t as prominent. This is also a difficult record to locate. The artwork is hand drawn and the back cover has a picture of GG in a suit coat.

GG Allin + The Jabbers – Always Was, Is, And Always Shall Be LP, Orange Records, 1980 and also Blitz Records in Sweden. This LP contains classics such as “Assface” and “Automatic.” The cover art has a photo of GG without the tattoos and dressed in a jean jacket with a Brian Jones button pinned to it. At a recent record convention in Chicago, copies of this LP went as high as $100. Black + Blue Records also reissued this album 4 years ago but it has different cover art and the songs are mastered too fast – buy the original if you can get your hands on it.

GG Allin + The Motor City Bad Boys – “Gimme Some Head/Dead Or Alive” Orange Records, 1980. This record was recorded with Wayne Kramer and Dennis Thompson of the MC5. GG was able to get these 2 into the studio, and the result was this hard rockin’ 7″.

GG Allin – “You Hate Me + I Hate You”/”Automatic”/”Assface” Orange Records, 1981. “You Hate Me + I Hate You” shows the intensity of GG’s music – pure gut level emotion bursting at the seams. The other 2 cuts are from the Always Was… LP.

GG Allin – “No Rules”/”A Fuck Up”/”Up Against The Wall”/”NYC Tonite” Orange Records, 1982. Another barnburner of a record. This is hardcore, fast + mean. “Up Against The Wall” is the one cut that does not appear on the Black + Blue reissue of the Always Was… LP.

GG Allin + The Scumfucs – 5 Song 7″ EP Blood Records 1983. This record more or less marks GG’s point of no return. This 7″ contains such soiled gems as “Hard Candy Cock” and “Drink, Fight and Fuck.” The cover art contains photos form GG’s infamous A7 Club gig in New York City on April 17, 1983. This record is difficult to find and goes as high as $25 and up.

GG Allin + The Scumfucs – Eat My Fuc LP Blood Records, 1984. This is the one that started it all. The cover is a hand drawn picture by GG of GG getting a blowjob. This contains such classics as “Cock On The Loose” and “Fuckin’ The Dog.” This contains the GG Allin + The Scumfucs 5 song 7″ EP from 1983, some tracks recorded in 1983, and also live cuts from the A7 Club gig. This is one of the most rudest, crudest, nastiest, and filthiest records GG has released to date. If you only own one GG Allin album, this is the one it should be. When I was in college, I lived on one of the busiest corners in town and used to sit on my porch and listen to this LP at full volume to the total dismay of passers-by and also my roommates. A real head turner. I’ve heard prices of this as high as $200.

GG Allin Live Fast Die Fast 7″ EP Black + Blue Records, 1984. This 4 song EP contains the title cut, plus “Living Like An Animal,” “I Need Adventure” and “Louden Boomer.” I’ve heard prices on this go as high as $25.

GG Allin + The Scumfucs – 4 Song 7″ EP Blood Records, 1985. This record contains the tender love songs such as “I Wanna Rape You” and “I Wanna Fuck Your Brains Out.” Why waste time when you can get straight to the point? The inside of the sleeve also contains some great pics of GG.

GG Allin + The Scumfucs/Artless split 7″ EP Schrott Records, 1985. This split record was put out in West Germany, and includes “Drink, Fight And Fuck” and “Convulsions.” I’ve seen this go as high as $250.

GG Allin’s music is his life and his life is his music. No other performer in the history of music has pushed it to its limits and tested its boundaries like GG Allin. Whether you love or hate the man, GG Allin has made his mark in music and will go down in history with a wealth of vinyl to document his career and his life. In another installment we’ll delve into other releases by GG Allin. Best of luck finding these gems.

— M. Physema

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