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Maximum RockNRoll — Scene Report — Northern New England — Helen Suckpuppy & Sondra (August, 1989)

What? A New Hampshire scene report GG Allin didn’t write!

Punk’s not dead, just in hibernation all winter. Despite the thrivin metropolis of Dover and its sure punks do survive. The biggest and oldest band in N.H. is the MURDERERS, a bunch of pirating guys who go down with the ship. Their noisy distortion hardcore sound has been around the area since “before you had sperm” says Larvae, the MURDERERS’ singer. (Yes Tucson – he’s still alive and kicking harder than ever). Bob the bass player started the band the day the Pope got shot. Gary the guitarist has been in the band almost from the start, and Roger the drummer is the newest member.

Their tour with the king of scum GG ALLIN ended with GG in jail after a six day walk of destruction and no shows – but they were mentioned along with photos of their doings on the Morton Downey Jr. show. Keep your eyes open for the MURDERERS’ album – it will be out this summer.

There’s a handful of new bands around, too. PARTY – a death rock influenced band with a touch of new wave; the BRUISERS is N.H.’s Oi band; OUTLAW POVERTY sounds more drunk and messed up than the early Germs, and 3rd SHIFT AT BELSEN is a holocaustic thrash noise band.

SUCKDOG just released an album Drugs Are Nice, a bunch of people having fun. Believe me, you don’t want to miss out. Spring is here and the local redneck chicks are squeezing into their bikinis so we decided to get the spirit and write the long overdue scene report.

If you’d like a SUCKDOG album, MURDERERS tape, any info on the rest of N.H.’s bands, or the upcoming fanzine, write to Helen Suckpuppy and Sondra at 24 Dover St/Dover, NH 03820.

— Helen Suckpuppy & Sondra

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