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Maximum RockNRoll — May, 1989 — Letters

MRR_072_cvrTwo letters — one about, one from — GG Allin 1) 2) 3)

Dear MRR,

G.G. Allin is a piece of shit. A waste of life. Why does he plan to kill himself on stage Oct. 31, 1990? Why doesn’t he get a job instead of begging via MRR? Fuck the stupid loser. He loathes in self pity concentrating on the miserable things in life. Well there are lots and lots of things that make you happy inside like being with friends, etc. He’s a miserable tyrant. A scrounge. A loser. I’m not giving him my worked hard for money when he “won’t work for nobody.” What’s the deal? Fuckin’ loser. He’s going to kill himself onstage? Well, don’t kill yourself. Get a job, a home, start a career, live life to the fullest.

— Dr. Anonymous


Look it’s my fucking life and it is in my hands…I’ll do whatever I want with it. I will kill myself and nobody can stop me. And no I do not want to be a so called punk rock star as you put it. That is not why I do what I do. I do it because It is inside of me to do. And that’s right Lew, or anyone else for that matter you never would have walked in my footsteps because if you did you would understand. So stop trying to analyze me.

I started out just to get revenge on everyone and the fire has since gone wild. Look around, who else is going to do it. There is no fucking underground scene. Everyone is selling out to corporate TV and all the other bullshit. Maybe I could have to, if I wanted. But no fucking way will I fall into that bullshit trap. I’ve always gone against everything and I’m the one who will throw that monkey wrench in when it needs to be there. I want to start an underground war. I want to go as far as I can to break laws and spill as much blood as I can. Who will follow?

If all you see me for is a woman abuser, fucking slut, whore and drug and substance abuser etc, you’re only half right. But you are very shallow. There is so much more I’ll never tell you. I have done it all. And I will continue to go so much deeper. All I can say is that actions speak louder than words. And I have over and over proven myself with my own body and soul. I only have to prove anything to myself anyway. So you can call me a faggot, loser, or whatever you want. But you’re just talking shit and I’m doing it. I’m willing to die. Are you?

And as you said in your column to make love to a woman is more offensive than to abuse her. Well, we all have our opinions. I have never loved anything so I can’t tell you. I love myself and that’s good enough. And if you cross the battle line then I’ll meet you there. I don’t have any real friends. I don’t trust anyone. I just barricade myself in a room to be completely alone a lot of the time. Solitude makes for strength.

I used to go to a psychiatrist because everyone thought I had split personalities, but so then who am I? Am I Jesus Christ? Am I Kevin? Am I George G? An abortion? What to fuck. I am all of those it seems through everyone’s choice. My name is GG Allin by my choice and fuck all you assholes because that’s who I am. I don’t need you to analyze me. I am blood and guts to the extreme. Everyone seems to want a free ride with me these days when they wouldn’t even pick me out of the gutter in the past. So I’m sick of all your death threats etc. Come on people I’m out there. Now’s your chance. Kill me motherfucker if you think you can. I ain’t hoeing. Come and take me out. I dare you, you’re all talk. You only got 17 more months and then I’ll do the job myself. I am the underground.

Die with me,
— GG Allin

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