Saturday 26th September 2020,
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Maximum RockNRoll — Letters: “This Thing Called Censorship” — GG Allin

This Thing Called Censorship

What is all this hype lately about censorship? This is nothing new. So what’s the big deal? We in the underground have been fighting this battle for many years. I myself have put out records ten years ago that would make 2 Live Crew welcome in any home. Our society would like you to believe that they are as nasty as it gets. But what it all comes down to is a game for the media, set up by our lame, stagnating society to divert your attention away from the real corruption that is going on against people like myself in the American system – – we who are not afraid to challenge their boring morals and values and get blood on our hands in the process. The American public being the robots that they are, like suckers, fall into this trap. Meanwhile the true non-conformists in the underground get railroaded to the point of breakup, financial decline or jailed unjustly as I have been. Not that anyone doesn’t have a right to sing about or say whatever they want, because censorship in any form is out of the question. The law has no right to decide that for us. But let’s not turn it into commercialism to the point of forgetting what is really happening to us in the real underground of rock ‘n’ roll. I have already spent time in jails for what all of these people are now crying about. When I get out of prison I face four more charges (that I know of) in three other states. One is for threatening the life of my audience. Even back in 1982 I was arrested for inciting a riot and indecent exposure. Jails and hospitals are just part of a GG Allin tour. But because my shows are so brutally real, it scares the shit out of people. But reality is not a pretty sight. So as you can see, these others get rich off the media and I rot in prison because of the cover up.

But rock ‘n’ roll today is nothing but political ass-kissing anyway. If I was Jello Biafra, the Red Hot Chili Peppers or whoever, I would have the backing of all the music press behind me. But I am the dagger in everyone’s back. I am rock ‘n’ roll’s embarrassment because I refuse to play by the rules. I create my own. I’m uncool, unclean and unacceptable to the always cool music biz folks and the law alike. So as it stands, I fight my war alone. But fight I will because I am the only hope and future of what the underground of rock ‘n’ roll is all about. I am the commanding leader whether anyone likes it or not.

So for all you people who are so worried about being banned or having your record pulled from stores, well I have no pity for you. I’ve been down that road my whole life. Try spending some time in prison for your rock ‘n’ roll.

GG ALLIN – 206045
Adrian, MI Prison Facility

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