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Maximum RockNRoll — Letters — GG Allin (November, 1992)

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I’m Banned in Society:

The United States of America is not a free country. The United States legal system, like the fascist government that protects it sees to it that we are only as free as they will allow us to be, and the freedoms that we do have seem to be diminishing at an alarming rate. In other words, if you live by what our society tells you is right and wrong, then you are only programmed to believe that you are living in a free society…but indeed, you are not

Those of us who are truly free are the individuals who oppose the rules and laws of our so-called democratic system. Also! Do not be fooled…the police, the politicians, the courts, the judges and the entire judicial system is nothing but a lie, set up at your expense to benefit only those few who dominate legislation and their puppets who work to kiss the asses of those pulling the strings. I, for one, am living proof as to just how far our system will go to remove you entirely from society if you should decide to wage a war against their morals, values and impotent brainwashings and generate your own visions of how to live beyond all of their stagnating boundaries.

I was abducted back in 1989 after being tracked down for well over a year by the United States Secret Service. Then I was handed over to the state of Michigan where I was kidnapped by the judicial panel, who railroaded me into its prison system for two years. I was then dissected by institutional psychiatrists, therapists, counselors, put in solitary observation units and forced to participate in criminal sexual therapy. Anything that they could possibly do to break my wild, untamed, human, animalistic lifestyle and non-conformist attitude. But all the while that this was going down, I always kept one thing embedded in my mind…the GG Allin mission will remain in full power at all costs. These motherfuckers would have to kill me before I ever in any way would compromise who I am and what I stand for. I am not one to follow rules of rationalism. I am a leader of revolutionary thought and actions. So, no matter what they had set out to accomplish, I would not be broken, they could not even come close to penetrating the walls of my mind.

But even after those two years in prison were completed and I was released on parole (March ’91), they would still not allow me my freedoms. My parole agent constantly came to my room at the YMCA at any time of day without notice and searched through my entire living space. Detectives knocked on my door often with more questioning. The police harassed me on the streets and then at a jury trial in Milwaukee, I was found guilty of disorderly conduct from a prior stage performance I did up there back in ’89. I was fined $1500 and given a 60-day jail sentence. That case is now in the court of appeals. Not long after this I went out on tour with my band the Murder Junkies. But just as always, Big Brother was still watching. Undercover cops were set up at each show. Police raids and club closings took place in nearly every city we played and I was arrested on stage in six different states before they again decided that of February 18th, 1992 in Austin, TX that it had all gone awry. The GG Allin rock-n-roll terrorism was no part of this so-called free society that they had any control over. So again I was abducted by local authorities and held against my will until the state of Michigan officials could once again kidnap me and lock me back away in a prison cell. The Austin police held me for eight days until the Michigan department of corrections extradition squad came and literally shackled me in the back of a caged van for five days while being transported back to Jackson state penitentiary where I remain to this very day.

So, again I ask…Where does freedom begin? I have been violated of my civil and constitiutional rights to freedom of speech and expression, not to mention the rights to a fair and impartial hearing. Freedom means nothing unless it includes complete freedoms for all, not just the chosen few. It’s not the Red Hot Chili Peppers posing nude on the cover of Rolling Stone with their hands covering their crotches…freedom means putting your hands aside and exposing your true form. Or it’s not Ice-T whose song “Cop Killer” came out one year later than my “Kill the Police”. Or the phoney, fraud, poser bands using the underground forum as a joke for their own commercial gains toward major label sell-outs. Because that’s not it. All of these folks are basically playing by the rules of the industry which our government sees fit to embrace. They will allow you to go so far, but not too far. They still call the shots and have control. Well, in my case, I call my own fucking shots and I’m uncontrollable. Maybe that’s why they consider my rock-n-roll a crime and that I should be removed from a society that they say I’m a threat to. Because I cannot be bought and sold, I am the real rebel, the real misfit. Because of it I am now sitting in a concrete cage. But only my body is really locked up. Because my mind refuses to be. It’s much too strong to be taken captive. There is no such thing as rehabilitation. It’s either your way or their way, and I have always lived by the chaos of expression and the desires of lawlessness because to create you must destroy, so I refuse to give in to my abductors in any way. It has cost me a lot of pain and suffering for real, but pain and suffering is what I do best. I’m conditioned for it. It’s a small price to pay for your integrity.

What they fail to realize is that I’m unstoppable. Doing this time will only enhance the violence and bloodshed of future tours. The mission rages on. They are only fueling the fires with their fascist corruption. Because I am deeply in touch with my inner demons and can run wild with them without fear. But for now…the war in my heart is on enemy lines.

Rock-n-Roll Terrorist,

GG Allin #206045
Jackson State Prison

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