Friday 25th September 2020,
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Maximum RockNRoll — Letters — Anonymous (January, 1991)

Dear MRR,

I strongly dislike the way GG ALLIN is using the censorship thing to try and get out of a longer jail sentence. The truth is that GG is in jail for assaulting and battering a girl. People that know GG well have seen his violent side.

Ask Bloody Mess. It seems that GG’s beating up close friends and lovers is inevitable. I don’t think people in the punk scene should believe the hype that GG is spewing. He is trying to smokescreen the fact that he is an assaulter and batterer; he is rather trying to portray himself as an artistic martyr – a victim of fascist censorship. While I personally abhor censorship, and while I personally respect the artist GG Allin, because no one does it on stage like GG does, I very much dislike the “feel sorry for me” lie GG is giving us. Smart people can segregate the artist and the man; so be smart and realize that GG, the artist, Allin is one of the greatest things to hit the punk rock stage ever. But also realize, self-admittingly, that GG Allin, the person, will use and abuse his closest friends because he has mental problems. In closing, I would just like to say that if GG is being held longer than he should because of his art, then this is unjust; but the bottom line is that GG has done some bad things to people and he deserves to do much time in jail. And I ain’t gonna shed any tears for him.

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