Tuesday 24th November 2020,
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Maximum RockNRoll — Letter — Bloody Mess (1993)

Dear MRR,

Hello weaklings. I am writing this for one reason: the death of G.G. Allin.

It was no secret that G.G. would be dying soon. Personally, I figured that someone would end up killing him or that he would overdose on alcohol and /or drugs. Well, you all probably know he finally overdosed on cocaine and heroin. The death mode of champions (Sid Vicious, Johnny Thunders, John Belushi and many more). In 5 to 10 year, he’ll be even more of a punk legend…the American version of Sid Vicious. Having known G.G. since 1984, I can definitely say he was the one who took it farther than any other rocker. We toured together on boring & sleezy Greyhound buses and went through so much chaotic hell, it’s unbelievable that he made it to June 28th, 1993. He took his first shit onstage right here in Peoria, Illinois in July, 1985!! If anyone wants to do a book on G.G., I have lots of rare photos & information to contribute. He even did a drunken recording session with me and my band (Bloody Mess & The Skabs) in 1989, which will be released at some point in the not-so-distant future. If you never got to see G.G. perform then you’ve never felt the intense aura that radiated from the man / boy. I’d like to say “Fuck off” to Emphysema (“Shrinkwrap”). Now whose name will you live off of? Loser. Long live G.G. Allin. Take it sleezy,

G.G.’s #1 fan,
Bloody Mess
PO Box 9021
Peoria, Il 61612

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