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Maximum RockNRoll — #21 — Scene Report — New Hampshire — GG Allin (January, 1985)

mrr 21 jan 1985 002 - Copy

MRR #21, Jan. ’85 — GG Allin’s Scene Report, Doctrine of Mayhem promo




*As Suckpuppy and Sondra have alluded to in their Northern New England scene report — GG’s written a few ‘NH Scene Reports’ for MRR. Always looking for copies not already published on the site, so drop me a line.


NH Scene Report

I guess by now you know we don’t fit into any of your scene reports or we’re just plain rejected. Well, I’m sick of it, so I’m going to write my own scene report myself. We’ll call it the GG Obscene Report.

In the past 6 years (started in 1978), I’ve been through 56 band members, put out who knows how many records, been kicked out of every club we’ve practically played at, and been slandered by the press and scenemakers everywhere. But the more shit I go through, the more I’ll dish out.

Anyway, I’ve got a new band together now that can put up with me, and we plan on touring soon. I’m also still playing with the SCUMFUCS so actually, I’ve got two bands. We’re out to get revenge and to show everyone that GG Allin will never go away. I’ll haunt you forever. We’ll be playing songs from all our records but concentrating more on the SCUMFUCS stuff. This will be out most primitive and outgoing yet.

We have a new 45 coming out in Sweden called “Livin’ Like an Animal,” and “Live Fast, Die Fast,” on Black & Blue Records, and our “GG Allin and the Scumfucs” LP is still availible. So the mayhem will live on with our tasteless animal noise and if people don’t like it, it’s tuff fuckin shit.

GG Allin

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