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Maximum Rock N Roll — #45 — Interview: “GG Allin: Anarchistic,…” — Mike (February, 1987)

mrr #45 feb 1987— via We Cause havoc Wherever we Go, Blogspot

“Ever heard of a sleazy, crude, rude savage perverted, sick, nasty, mean, filthy, wild degenerate, animalistic, self-destructive slob named GG Allin? He sings for the rawest, notorious banned band and is hated by many.”

MRR: When and where were you born, and have you always been in New Hampshire?

GG: Unfortunately, I was fucking born in NH. But what the fuck you gonna do? You survive anywhere and any way you can.

MRR: Have you always been so wild? What were you like when you were younger? How far did you go in school?

GG: I never had any friends, I always used to wear women’s clothes to school and shit, and everybody hated me. I got the shit beat out of me a lot, but I also beat the fuck out of a lot of others. I got thrown out of school and my house all the time. I would just run away for a few weeks and say “fuck everybody.”

We used to have a band called L.S.D.—Little Sisters Date—because we did lots of acid and fucked little girls. So fuck everybody else ‘cause I’ve always been like this.

MRR: When and why did you choose to start a band and make your own music?

GG: Just to fuckin’ bother people, for revenge. I don’t give a fuck what you think of me. I wanted total destruction and I didn’t and don’t care if everyone hates it. Fuck you. I wanted to be the total self destructive animal, and I am. I don’t like or trust anybody really. When I’m on stage nothing fuckin’ matters. You could fucking shoot me, but I might fuck you up first, and I’ll definitely rape some bitches.

MRR: What got you interested in punk?

GG: Nothing. Not a fucking thing. I’ve always been this way. I was fucking doing this shit before I ever heard punk rock. That’s fucking shit. I’m the only real hardcore. I’m fucking taking it further than anyone and I really do fucking mean it!

MR[R]: How would you describe your music?

GG: Mud, rot, cunt suckin’ sleaze trash. It can’t be described at all. We don’t fit in with anybody and nobody wants anything to do with us.

MRR: Where do you get the idea for your songs?

GG: Every fuckin’ day living. The band is not just the stage, it’s my fucking life. I live in a one room pit with the cockroaches and just do lots of drinking and drugs. That’s my inspiration, besides beating off and sucking piss and shit-filled panties from young girls.

MRR: How many releases do you have?

GG: Too fucking many. I don’t know really. I’ve got albums out in different countries I ain’t even been to. A lot of shit is out there so go find it. Check your nearest garbage can.

MRR: What qualities do you look for in a possible member of one of your bands?

GG: No qualities. Just a fuckin’ scum bag suckin’ noise banging idiot. People with quality bore me. I hate fucking quality. Fuck it, fuck it, FUCK IT!!!!

MRR: How many bands have you gone through?

GG: Every fuckin’ person who has ever picked up an instrument I think. Nobody can last. I’m too much. Nobody wants to play with me. Fuck all of ‘em ‘cause I don’t need them. Kill those wimps.

MRR: Where do you do your recordings?

GG: Bathrooms, basements, any fucking where really. I ain’t got the fuckin’ money for studio time. Fuck that anyway. My shit is not meant to be recorded in a studio. It’s toilet shit.

MRR: What sort of musicians/bands do you listen to?

GG: Scumfucks, Nazis, Fags, Naughty Women, Bad Tuna Experience, Mothers of Invention, Tiny Tim and shit like that.

MRR: Who organises your tours?

GG: I usually do the whole fuckin’ thing ‘cause nobody else wants to touch it.

MRR: How many times have you toured and what has been the response of the people who saw you?

GG: We got thrown out of every club. I’m not sure of the response ‘cause I was so fucked up. But I got stabbed, arrested many times, ended up in the hospital twice. Lots of girls ran when I started to rape them. Also, when I took a shit on stage and threw it at the crowd, that caused a fuckin’ riot. The road is great. Drugs, party, pussy and pain.

MRR: I heard that at one show there were a bunch of straight-edgers outside protesting your show. Is this true, and what are your feelings about it?

GG: Fuck straight edge man. It’s not my fucking life at all, and if they don’t like me they can suck my asshole. Who the fuck are they to tell me what to do. I’m the fucking blood and guts.

MRR: How was your most recent tour? What was your favorite place?

GG: One motherfucking blood party. We were drunk for 3 weeks straight. Madison, Wisconsin was a gig that comes to mind. We got thrown out and got in 3 fist fights at a after party. I was running around town in my jock strap. We destroyed the fuckers.

MRR: What are your feelings on the bands in NH and Massachusetts?

GG: I don’t fucking know, I’m not in tune to whats going on at all. I’m not accepted in the scene. I just go about my own fuckin’ life and my thing so I don’t really know what’s going on. I can’t even keep track of myself, so how can I know about that?

MRR: What are your feelings on this area in general?

GG: The thing I like is that there’s nothing really going on so it’s hard to follow trends. I just hang out on the streets with the delinquents who don’t even fucking know punk rock. We just get fucked up and survive. Id I go out it’s usually to NYC or Boston.

MRR: Do you have a regular job? How do you make enough money to survive?

GG: Yes, let’s be fucking real. I drive a goddamned laundry truck. I’m not at all a clean person. I ain’t washed my hair in 10 months.

MRR: What are your feelings on satanism, devil worship, etc.?

GG: This is fuckin’ serious. Many people say they’re into it and it’s a fucking lie. Bullshit. I’ve been dabbling with it and black magic for the past year. I’ve done rituals. I’ve even signed a contract with the devil for my soul. I’m not afraid. If you believe in it seriously you can get anything you want. But you have to do it right. I have books on it and have engaged in it. I don’t know if it’s for everybody, but it works for me.

MRR: What do you think about politics?

GG: I don’t give a fuck about it. I don’t know or fuckin’ care. It’s got nothing to fucking do with me, so fuck it.

MMR: Do you consider yourself masochistic? Do you have a death wish?

GG: Pain is fucking life. It’s great. I will fucking kill myself on stage. Nothing fucking hurts when I’m doing it. I fuckin’ bleed. I cut myself with broken glass. I beat myself black and blue. I eat my shit. I’m a total masochistic, self-destructive motherfucker.

MMR: Ever think about getting married and settling down and having a couple of little scumfucks?

GG: I was fuckin’ married once, really. But my wife could not put up with my lifestyle, and I’m sure as fuck not gonna change. She had me go to a psychaitrist ‘cause I was so fucked. I would come home from a gig all bloody and pulling glass out of myself. She couldn’t deal with it. I need more than one girl. I also have a fuckin’ kid. But I would never marry the cunt. I probably have a few more I don’t know about. What the fuck man, I’m 27 years old. But fuck love and marriage. I fucking hate that fuckin’ shit. I’ll just fuckin’ beat off.

MMR: Whats the typical day in the life of GG Allin?

GG: Lots of drinking, drugs, beating off, fucking off. I like going to sleazy bars and finding whores. And abusing my body any way I can.

MMR: Anything else you’d like to say?

GG: Not, that’s fuckin’ all. Eat my fuck.

GG Allin/ P.O. Box 54/Hooksett NH 03106

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