Friday 25th September 2020,
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J.W. Gacy — Letters — Correspondence to GG Allin

Date – Unknown/Illinois Correctional Facility (Death Row)
Hi Ho G.G. Allin,

Thank you for your letter which arrived tonight. I can understand you wanting to be called by your stage name but for prison records your name has to be what you show on your I.D. as they will expect to see something with your I.D. that I put on your visiting slip. So first thing first Donald gave me two address for you let me know which one is proper as that’s the way you will be listed. So that I can get it approved. Here are the ones he gave me. Kevin M. Allin, P.O. Box 54, Hooksett, N.H. 03106 and the other 41 Beechhill Dr. Manchester, New Hampshire 03101. Please give me which one appears on your drivers license. By the way I just answered Donald’s letter tonight and I had already talked to him, but your letter answered some of the questions I put to him, mainly whether or not you want to visit me so as to be a name dropper and exploit me or come to meet me as a friend. Your letter made that clear, so I see no problem.

By the way just like you like being called G.G. Allin please get the spelling of my name right, its GACY and there is no “E” in it you fucked up the first time on your envelope. Everyone is trying to add letters to it. So fuck pay attention and don’t let it happen again. I hope that Don told you I kid around so take it that way.

Regarding what I need, they don’t allow it in here besides they wouldn’t let it in anyway. Lux is a pen-pal of mine for five years now but he helps me out by buying my paintings. I notice you mention that your interested in having one done. I enclosed an oil painting list what your looking for is listed under commissioned portraits, unless you want something like what you look like for the stage then it would just be a commissioned paining see above the other one. The photo you send would have to be in color so that I can get the colors right all the information is listed. You mention portrait so the price is listed with the instruction its the same for all.

Please get me the correct information so that I can get you on the visiting list and also let me know when you plan on coming down. In so far as what can be sent in Donald knows what I like to read, any good dirty novels xxx porno at its best, no color magazines as most time they will stop them and return them to the sender.

Look forward to hearing from you, hang in there, by the way your statement is interestingly positive, and shows your an individual go for it.


John or J.W.

Featured image — John Wayne Gacy’s signed illustration of GG’s open-casket.

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