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Interview with GG Allin— Uncredited, c. 1990

Interviewer: When were you born and where?

GG Allin: I was born Jesus Christ Allin. 1956 in Lancaster, NH.

Interviewer: What drugs have you done?

GG: Just about every fucking drug there is. But my favorites are alcohol, heroin, coke, speed, crack and acid.

Interviewer: What is your favorite food? Favorite beer?

GG: Cheap food and cheap beer. That way you can get more quantity.

Interviewer: What are your favorite movies?

GG: I don’t fucking watch many movies. They don’t hold my attention. I’m into reality. Real blood, pain, death. “Faces Of Death” was alright. But it has to be real for me.

Interviewer: Do you like John Waters movies?

GG: I liked “Female Trouble”. But his movies are too comedy for me. Better than most. But not good enough. I like Russ Meyer better.

Interviewer: Of all of your songs, which are your favorites?

GG: All of my songs and recordings reflect my life. They all show where I have been, where I am now, and where the war is going. I just put it all right out in the fucking open. But if anybody really wants to know what I’m all about and they can’t get all of the records, they should find “Hated In The Nation”, “Dirty Love Songs”, “Freaks, Faggots, Drunks and Junkies” and “Suicide Sessions”. They are who I am. Those are my interior depths.

Interviewer: Tell about the 7″ EP “The Trouble Troubadour”.

GG: It is self-explanatory. They are songs about my life on the road. The guns, the prostitutes, run-ins with the law, hospital visits, the blood, the violence and destruction. Just listen to the record. It’s a very open and honest record.

Interviewer: What’s the all time best gig you ever played?

GG: I can’t say because none of my gigs are planned. I go with my fucking mood. I do whatever I feel like doing. I’ll fuck with anyone that gets in my way. There have been a lot of memorable shows, but not one is more important than the other. You have also got to realize that it didn’t end after what you saw on the stage. My life was the stage. When I left that stage, I was still the same person. A lot of tragedy happened off the stage as well, because I believe in testing all of life’s limits and laws all the fucking time. I was on a death trip all the time, because only when you seriously seek death do you excellerate life. My two biggest enemies are comfort and conformity. So every GG gig always meant something that was going on with me, and I use the stage as my battlefield.

Interviewer: Tell about your song “Fucking The Dog”.

GG: What’s to tell? The songs explains itself. I wrote it about a dog I used to have years ago. It’s about being a loner and not needing anything or anyone. It explains how fucking weak people are always out looking for love or something boring to do. I’ve always been a one man army. A non-conformist. I create strength within myself. So I lived in a fucking dirty smelly boarding house and lived on the streets. So while everyone else was looking for someone to love, not me, I was fucking the dog.

Interviewer: Tell about what happened to land you in jail.

GG: That’s a long fucking story. I have no comment on any of it. I believe I am in here because of who I am. The death defying terrorist of the underground rock ‘n’ roll. When people get involved with me, they better realize it’s not a fucking game. It’s the real thing. The closest you’ll ever get to hell without dying. But if you stick around long enough, that is not too far away.

Interviewer: How do you get by in jail?

GG: You fucking survive. Hustle and never let them break you down. You do whatever you fucking have to do You look out for yourself only and stay strong to your beliefs.

Interviewer: How do you pass time?

GG: I write stories and poetry and have done some recordings over the phone.

Interviewer: Do you like fan mail?

GG: I look at the mail the same way I look at people. You use it for what it’s worth. Some are loyal to the cause and believe in the real rock ‘n’ roll underground in which I am the fucking king. Others are phony and write out of curiosity. But it all weeds out. It all comes head on. Because only the true believes will prevail and become allies in my war against the phonies and the conformists.

Interviewer: What’s it’s like to be GG? What’s some of the wildest stuff you have done?

GG: It’s like walking through a constant fire. One year of my life is like 10 years of a mere mortal life. Because my dangers and excellerations increase with each passing day. I look for danger. A violent confrontation excites me. Sometimes I never stop bleeding for days. If I do stop, I go out and look for ways to open new wounds. But it’s who I am, and my war has only just begun. When I get out of prison the mission will continue right down to the last bloody mutilation. Because I’ve got a lot of revenge built up inside and there’s a lot more blood to spill.

Interviewer: What are your closing comments.

GG: They can’t fucking stop GG Allin. I’m unstoppable. Fuck the law!

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