Monday 22nd July 2019,
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Images — Leslie Morgan — 1983, 1991—1993, 2008 (Private Collection)

An anonymous visitor sent in the following images of Leslie Morgan.

Leslie 1“Leslie, 1991: This is part of a series I did of my cousin, who is holding up an image of her leg that was burned as she was held hostage in her house by GG Allin in 1989, as he and his band mates had a free for all.” — Anonymous (“Artistic license? Jury set to decide”, Aug. 18, 1991)

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    This dumb ass bitch got hers….yea. Gg did that shit to her..he did his time….now what? Nothing….

    • lilibaskin

      Got hers…What did she get? The shit burned out of her leg? Beaten and raped? Cut up? Hey nancy…what did the bitch do to deserve any of that? And yeh, this scum bucket did his time and got off light…


    Thank you….Phil. I also knew gg. Aka. know what your in for when you chill with gg allin. We went to his early shows he hung out at our houses..we went to parties in the 80’s. Either you were there at that time or nothe was an awesome guy .iI stuck with gg thru out his tours and prison times..he sent me letters and memorabilia I sent him entertaining kites and panties…its all good!