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Goldmine #340 — Grapevine: “Punk Rock Singer, Performance Artist GG Allin Dead At 36” — Stephen Thompson (August 6, 1993)

Punk Rock Singer, Performance Artist GG Allin Dead At 36

After years of promising fans a violent onstage suicide, punk rock singer/songwriter Kevin “GG” Allin died June 28th of an apparent drug overdose.

Allin, 36, was famous for wild on- and off-stage behavior that led to repeated arrests for physical assault and disorderly conduct. Known for performing in the nude, Allin often defecated while on stage, throwing his feces into the usually unwilling crowds.

Allin – whose career spanned 15 years, eight LPs and countless singles – was found dead at a friend’s apartment in New York City’s East Village the morning after playing a show that had to be broken up by riot police.

In April, Allin was released from Jackson State Prison in Michigan, where he served a four-year term for “aggravated assault with intent to mutilate” and parole violations. Since his release, Allin finished recording his first full-length studio release since 1988’s Freaks, Faggots, Drunks And Junkies. Titled Bloodshed And Brutality For All and recorded with the Murder Junkies, the album will be released in September and will include such chestnuts as the pro-AIDS cut “I Kill Everything I Fuck,” “I’ll Slice Your Fuckin’ Throat,” “Shoot, Knife, Strangle, Beat And Crucify” and “My Sadistic Killing Spree.”

In addition to his upcoming album, a documentary based on two weeks in Allin’s life has just been released to select theaters, and a biography is in progress.

Allin is survived by his brother – Murder Junkies bassist Merle Allin – and by his parents, Merle Sr. and Arletta Baird. He was buried in his hometown of Littleton, New Hampshire.

— Stephen Thompson

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