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GG Allin — “The Troubled Troubadour + Bonus Tracks” 1996, Mountain Records

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“The Troubled Troubadour”

The 1996 post-humous release, officially “The Troubled Troubadour + Bonus Tracks” — not to be confused with the 7” “The Troubled Troubadour,” released in 1990. The repackage features three impromptu outlaw-country tracks from the original 7”, two live covers – Ohio Express’ “Up Against the Wall” with the Jabbers, originally released in 1982 (“No Rules,” EP, Orange Records), and the early nineties (shortly before his secret service arrest) performance of the Rolling Stones original, “Dead Flowers,” with The Disappointments.1) Two slow-speed spoken word tracks, provided by GG’s archivist Skeeter Rider, were recorded by Allin in Chicago in 1988 on a slow speed tape, after a night of drinking.

The three phone conversations with Mountain records’ Stuart Brodian, who’d contacted GG while incarcerated at Michigan provide an invaluable insight to Allin’s persona. In the second conversation, Allin expresses how pleased he was with “When I Die,” — the chosen closing track to Todd Phillips’ documentary, “Hated: GG Allin & The Murder Junkies.”  They discuss, among many other topics, the upcoming Troubled Troubadour (EP) release (transcripts).3)

The liner notes, from Brodian, read “…he was a really smart guy, and despite his faults, I really miss him.” 4)


  • “The Troubled Troubadour, 1996, Mountain Records (Mountain – MCDLP 008)

  1. When I Die 3:52
  2. Liquor Slicked Highway 2:55
  3. Sitting In This Room 2:53
  4. Kissing The Flames 2:35
  5. Rowdy Beer Drinkin’ Nght 3:04
  6. Up Against The Wall 2:03
  7. Conversation #1 25:51
  8. Conversation #2 11:46
  9. Conversation #3 3:10
  10. Spoken Word #1 1:52
  11. Dead Flowers 4:47
  12. Spoken Word #2 0:48
  • “The Troubled Troubadour,” 2000, Aware One (AWARE CD 10)

  1. When I Die
  2. Liquor Slicked Highway
  3. Sitting In This Room
  4. Kissing the Flames
  5. Rowdy Beer Drinkin’ Night
  6. Up Against the Wall
  7. Conversation #1
  8. Conversation #2
  9. Conversation #3
  10. Price
  11. Dead Flowers
  12. I Will Not Act Civilized


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