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GG Allin & The Scumfucs — “You’ll Never Tame Me” — 1985

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“You’ll Never Tame Me” was the 1985 self-released cassette by GG Allin & The Scumfucs. Later in 1985, tracks 1—7 were backed with eight Artless tracks, and released as a split on Holy War Records (HOLY WAR LP 010). It was reissued in 1999 by Black and Blue Records (HD4399), and later in 2006 by Toilet Rock Productions (00001985).


1. Fuck Women I’ve Never Had (cover of Hank Williams Jr.) 1)
2. I Want to Fuck Myself
3. Needle Up My Cock
4. Ass-fuckin’, Butt Suckin’, Cunt Lickin’ Masturbation
5. You’ll Never Tame Me
6. Tourture You
7. Bite It, You Scum!
8. Scumfuc Tradition (cover of Hank Williams Jr.) 2)
9. I Fuck the Dead
10. I Wanna Die
11. Kill the Children, Save the Food
12. I Wanna Piss on You
13. (untitled)


 GG Allin & The Scumfucs:

  • GG Allin — Vocals (“Screaming and mindless mayhem”), guitar (tracks 1, 3)
  • Mucus McCain — Guitar
  • Tim (“Trash”) Toms/Tim Lacombe — Drums
  • Bass/Guitar — Al Lee Slime 3)
  • Producer: Perter Yarmouth, GG Allin 4)

Additional Notes and Media

  • Tracks 1—7 recorded in Roxbury, MA, 1985
  • Track 13: recorded at WERS – Emmerson College – Boston, MA. Nov., 1984; interviewed by Robert Williams
  • “Here it is, the original uncut sessions from 1985-86. GG Allin “The Blood & Guts of Rock N Roll” during his prime New England years. Music full of what got him banned in every club in the 6-state area.” — Peter Yarmouth, 1999 re-issue. 5)
  • This is the sleazy, animal GG Allins new 12 song LP that you’ll prob. hate or think sucks. This notorious banned band is back to assault you + rape your little sister. More songs about ass fuckin, butt suckin, cunt lickin, drink, fight, fuck + piss in your mouth, death + destruction + disruption. — Original self-released cassette notes. 6)

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