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GG Allin — ‘Primal Plunge,’ Spoken Word Performance — May, 1989

May 5, 1989 — Allston, Massachusetts. The Primal Plunge Bookstore of 107 Brighton Ave., hosts an in-house, spoken-word performance from a drunkenly-enthused and equally enraged Allin. In an interview earlier that day, a Primal Plunge promo-slot on the local .FM. Allin anticipated the performance would be a “reality reading,” as he was scheduled to be reading excerpts from his then-latest publication, ‘Murder in Society.’

During the interview, which was with some local Boston college radio, Allin discusses his plans of an on-stage suicide. Previously flirting with the idea, (though never committing to a date) on the air he announced that October 31st, 1990 was to be the date he’d kill himself on stage. Allin discusses the state of the (nonexistent) undergrounds of rock ‘n roll and punk alike; and the manifestation of corporate interest in the genre. He also briefly talks of the publication in the local Boston chronicle ‘Spy-Lyric,’ the culprit of that evenings culmination of colorful emotion.

Without the original publication at hand, there’s really nothing more than hearsay to provide. Author Tristram Lozaw claims in a late-80s (‘88-‘89?) issue of the local Boston-chronicle ‘Spy-Lyric’ that GG’s plans of a on-stage suicide are “yet to be seen,” and GG’s counterpoint was that he’d never appropriated a date for it. It’d appear Lisa ‘Suckdog’ Carver is tied to the publication in some-way (again, I’d need the publication). GG claims to have once ‘tried to rape [Lisa] at a bus-stop in Boston.’

The Primal Plunge performance was recorded and released on cassette. The 12 minute tape, ‘Primal Plunge,’ was Allin’s second spoken-word release. He’d previously released an untitled five-minute cassette in ‘88 (tracklist: “The Price,” “A Girl’s Cunt,” and “I Will Not Act Civilized”). Primal Plunge was also visually recorded, providing an oft cited and referenced exhibit of Allin’s late-eighties’ quintessence.

Interview, earlier that day

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