Tuesday 15th October 2019,
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GG Allin & The Murder Junkies — Live @ The Axiom — Houston, TX (Feb., ’92)

— Filmed by Robbie Conway and Jon White (glitterpimpent.com)/Monster Soup

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  • http://www.glitterpimpent.com/ Jon White

    Ha! I shot this video, forgot all about it for a few years. Robbie Conley and I (both of Monster Soup – Houston, TX) were standing on an old refrigerator that used to be in the middle of the floor at The Axiom. At first, I wasn’t sure if this was the show that I shot, but after the show I can hear Robbie and I talking. We hung out with GG and crew before the show upstairs and he was completely calm. He told us quite a few stories of the madness and mayhem of being on the road with his band. He did another show at the Axiom shortly before this one. The cops were well aware of him being in town and were all over the show. Needless to say, that show wasn’t a typical GG Allin show. This one, he went off in classic GG style. Even my sister loved watching this show back in the day. It was always in the VCR.

    Thanks to Matt Sanzala for getting us the job of videotaping the show!

    Jon White
    Monster Soup

    • Nyxx

      Thats really cool to hear man. Thanks for the details – and the footage in the first place! I’ve thrown Robbie’s and your name, and website up as credit under the video.