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Maximum RockNRoll — Letters — GG Allin, August, 1991


By the time you get this letter, my new LP entitled “Murder Junkies” will allready have been released on New Rose records. Most of the material was written while I was in prison and is meant to be taken extremely seriously. I urge everybody to pick it up and listen to it word for word and feel the power it will create. the time is now to smash all existing barriers of our constipated society and move on in complete destruction of my mission. For those of you who want more info on my mission plan they should contact me at the address below. I have been working very hard the past few months plotting the battles that lie ahead and to eliminate all the obstacles in my way. The time is fast approaching.

But before my road trip begins, a battle in Milwaukee, Wisconsin will come head to head in a jury trial on Monday Aug, 19th. The charge is disorderly conduct from a show I did back in ’89. So I urge all of you who support my mission and the underground culture to come and join in the fight. Come as you are. But be there at any cost. The state of Wisconsin must be defeated as well all other states in the country who try to enforce upon us what the believe our limits should be. Fuck them and fuck all of their morals and values. There are no limits on my stage. For more info on the trial contact Mark at 813-238-9388. Also call that number for any bookings, etc. The smell of blood is in the air as my war against society continues. Also fuck all of you record stores who refuse to carry my records. your just a bunch of lame conformist cunts. And to all you stuffy, uniform, robot, fuckfacks in Ann Arbor, you can kiss my motherfucking cock.

Support my mission. It’s the only fucking way.

Send food, clothes, money, etc. to:
GG Allin
Ann Arbor YMCA
350 S. 5th Ave. #509
Ann Arbor, MI 48104

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