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GG Allin & The Jabbers — “Tasteless Animal Noise” — Self-Released Cassette, 1982


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Tasteless Animal Noise


Tasteless Animal Noise was one of the earlier self-released cassettes by GG Allin & The Jabbers. Originally recorded between 1981—’82, pulling tracks from four different shows to form a coherent gig. Great volume and decent quality (compared to some other GG Allin cassettes — songs were cleaned up for the Rapin’ the Vault compilation. Comprised of songs from the Living Room (Providence, RI May 26, ’82) 1), The Channel (Boston, MA Sept. 09, 1981), Club Merrimac (Manchester, NH, March 04, 1982) and the West Haven Dump (West Haven, CT, September 3, 1982).



  1. Radio Advertisement
  2. Nuke Attack [later, with the Scumfucs, to become ‘I Wanna Piss on You’] 2)
  3. You’re Wrong, I’m Right [later to become ‘NYC Tonite’] 3)
  4. You Hate Me & I Hate You
  5. Bored To Death
  6. Automatic
  7. Don’t Talk To Me
  8. Gimme Some Head
  9. I’ll Never Call (sung by Al Chappel) 4)
  10. Pills (cover, New York Dolls)
  11. I Wanna Be Your Dog (cover, The Stooges)
  12. Assface
  • Cassette, 1982 (self-released)
  • CD-R, 2006 (Toilet Rock Productions) 5)

Additional Notes & Links

  • Review — Tasteless Animal Noise — Jeff Bale, Maximum RockNRoll, 1993
  • Tracks also appear on the Rapin’ the Vault compilation
  • Pills is a tribute to one GG’s friends:
    via Terminal Boredom;

    • “I always had some kind of drug on me, usually Valiums, so GG would do the song “Pills” and dedicate it to me. I would go up to him and give him a handful of pills and he’d gulp them all down in one swallow. Sometimes I don’t know how he could still stand at the end of the night.” —Julie Thalin, longtime friend and fan of The Jabbers, liner notes to “No Shit… It’s The GG Allin and the Jabbers Tribute” CD
  • “Insult & Injury, Vol. 3: Providence, RI and More,” features the complete Living Room (Providence, RI) gig. Songs from that show were also featured on the Banned in Boston tape. 6)
    • GG’s “Fags in the Living Room,” sung to the tune of  “God of Fire and Hell” was a tribute to the RI club 7) he’d wrote a few years prior, in 1980.
  • Track 03 on the “Banned in Boston” compilation, ‘Live Boston,’ features the whole seven track show at Boston’s The Channel, bar the Pills and Stooges covers, which remained officially unreleased, at this point.
  • A really nformative read, The GG Allin Supersite’s interview, 2004, with Peter Yarmouth;
    • Discussing the Goon Squad (explained in the image, below, courtesy the Supersite), and the MA show, Peter Yarmouth recalls its members;

“Mik “Hoag” Horgun was one who was at most GG shows. The most notable was at The Channel in Boston where he pulled GG off the stage (which was about 5-6 feet above the crowd floor) banging him to the floor and then kicking GG in the head until the bouncers pulled him off. The set was less than 3 songs. GG was out of it. I had to plead with the bouncers not to have Mik arrested that night. Once GG was able to be coherent they let Mik go, we told them it was part of the act (as always).” 8)

  • The West Haven Dump show (West Haven, CT; 3 Sept., 1982) was also recorded in full and bootlegged. In 2006, M. Physema revived Shrinkwrap Propaganda—now Toilet Rock Productions— and released ‘GG Allin & The Jabbers’ — “West Haven, CT — September 3, 1982” a limited edition CD release. 9)



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