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GG Allin & The Disappointments Live @ Wally’s — “Condemned & Destroyed” — Bethlehem, PA (July 29, 1989)


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Condemned & Destroyed

July 29, 1989— GG Allin & The Disappointments – billed at least once as GG Allin & The Urine Dogs on one flyer (below) – performs Wally’s in Bethlehem, PA after a small controversy concerning the gig’s original poster art. Similar to GG Allin & The Sewer Scum, The Urine Dogs were just a one-time bill for The Disappointments.

Recorded in ’89, mixed in ’93, released on cassette in ’94 (“Condemned & Destroyed: Live at Wally’s Bethlehem, PA 7-29-89”) on Blood Enema Tapes, and CD in 2006 on Toilet Rock Productions (formerly Shrinkwrap Propaganda), as “At Wally’s Bethlehem, PA 7-29-89”.


  1. Outlaw Scumfuc
  2. Dope Money
  3. Die When You Die
  4. Caroline & Sue
  5. J.W. Gacy
  6. Dead Flowers
  7. Abuse Myself I Wanna Die
  8. Dogshit
  9. [General Chaos]

Notes & Media


  • A limited edition CD release. A Toilet Rock Production 2006. “From 1989 until 2001, I operated Shrinkwrap Propaganda mail order, which specialized in distributing GG Allin magazines, videos, cassettes, etc… I was authorized by the man himself to distribute his material. After a five year absence, to honor the man and his mission, I have resurrected the label BUT have decided to rechristen the label “Toilet Rock Productions” in tribute to GG Allin. Each CD, DVD and Magazine is painstakingly and delicately hand crafted and made to order by our hard working staff.”

— M.Physema 2006 (from the GG Allin Supersite [reocities]).




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