Saturday 05th December 2020,
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GG Allin & The Disappointments— Live @ Populous Pudding — Willimantic, CT (April 25, ’89)


  • “GG loved to trash any perceived or real authority including his record labels. I recall one show at The Populous Pudding in CT after the release of his second Homestead release where backstage GG pissed on my leg and yelled proudly that he now had pissed on both his labels. He said he pissed on Cosley’s head. GG was that kind of guy. Back in the early days I spent a lot of money advertising GG in music publications. No label after Black & Blue had to sell an unknown artist.” Peter Yarmouth (25 April, ’07)
  • A warrant was issued for GG’s arrest after this show, for an unspecified incident

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