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GG Allin Announces Hunger Strike — Maximum RockNRoll, (Dec 1990)

mrr_091_cvrTo the press,

I have dedicated my whole life to rock & roll, my writing and my art. So at this time I ask you to listen. I was sentenced to 1½ – 4 years in prison for felonious assault, a charge in Michigan which for a first time offender carries a sentencing guideline of 0 – 12 months. But just as I have said from the very beginning, I feel I was tried and sentenced for my reputation as an artist and not the crime they say I committed. I had an unfair trial from the very start. I was discriminated against because of my rock & roll lifestyle and stage performance. Judge William Ager Jr. in an Ann Arbor District Court stated that I was not on trial or being sentenced for my reputation, although he said he didn’t agree with it. He also stated that I should seek an appeal, (which I did) but I still have heard nothing about it as of it yet (I was sentenced Dec. 23, 1989 with 120 credit days for county time).

But since then I have done all my time all of my RG&C recommendations. I have even done more them what was required of me, and only have one misconduct ticket for missing a single callout, and that happened the first week I had arrived at this prison facility. But I just saw the parole board (Gloria Richardson) on August 8, 1990, and they gave me a flop adding at least six more months to my time saying I needed more time to think about what I’m going to do when I get out. This is an outrage. I am an artist. I know what I am going to do. I have just signed a recording contract with Enigma records, I have a job and have done everything the judge had ordered. I say it’s because of my rock & roll reputation. I know that I have been set up by this whole ordeal. Why are they so afraid of the truths I sing about? Maybe it’s because it hits too close to home, and people would rather then face it, or put in prison anyone who challenges the system. What ever happened to the first amendment?

Maybe if I had gone out and killed someone, or was a drug dealer they would let me go. But because I live my life on the edge of rock & roll I should remain in prison. Take a look around and open your blind eyes. I am now seeking a lawsuit against the State of Michigan Department of Corrections and the Parole Board for $3 million in damages for an unfair trial, discrimination, loss of income, and possible damage to career. I’m doing this for all rock & rollers who might someday find themselves in this position.

And justice for Allin,
Kevin M. Allin aka GG Allin

For further information, reply to:
Kevin M. Allin 206045
Lock D-4
PO Box 1900
Adrain, MI 49221

P.S. Hunger strike begins Oct. 1, until I get the parole I have earned. The parole board told me, and I quote “Mr. Allin you are a performer for all the wrong reasons, and you need more time.” That’s discrimination. Let’s just say, “Fuck the bastards.”

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