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Florida Today — “Police: Act Was So Vile Many Patrons Fled Club” — Associated Press (November 21, 1991)

Police: Act Was So Vile Many Patrons Fled Club

ORLANDO – Police raided a nightclub and arrested two performers whose punk-rock act was so vile dozens of patrons fled the premises, officials said.

Police say the performance by Kevin Allin of GG and the Murder Junkies included urination, defecation and bloodying himself on stage before running naked through his audience.

“This is one of the most immoral and disgusting things that I have had to deal with,” said police Sgt. Bill Mulloy.

Allin and Donald Sachs, both of New York City, were arrested and charged with exposing their sexual organs after the Monday night performance at Orlando’s Club Space Fish Café.

Allin made no public comment, but provided a sworn statement saying club owners knew what his performance would include and that he would perform naked.

Police and members of the audience said Allin opened his show by smashing a bottle on his bald head and grinding the shattered glass into his forehead. He also pounded his head with a microphone.

“He bled all over some girl,” said one member of the audience. “Every time he went to one side of the club, everyone ran to the other side.”

— Associated Press

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