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Flipside — “Letters – GG Allin Speaks” — GG Allin (Winter, 1989)

GG Allin Speaks

This is a response to that 16 year old cunt who wrote that fucking stupid shit about me in the last issue. Who are you to even mention my fucking name, Bitch! What I do is not a joke or an act, you say. It’s very real just as my life is very real and ugly. So back to your shiny fucking life and get off my ass or I’ll rape yours. You’re the kind of girl who needs to be violently raped then I could say it was just [an] act. Fuck your ass, Bitch. Believe it or not, I don’t hate all girls like everyone thinks. Just the shiny, prissy, fake, fucking cocktease cunts in which the world seems filled with 90%. I like to stick my tongue and dick in cunts as well as young boys. But nobody will fuck me over. Just ask Thalia or whatever [the] fuck her name is, from Live Skull. She tempted me at a gig and I fucking tackled her. Nobody has any idea as to who I really am. Ever since I signed to Homestead everyone has the idea that I’m a marketing object or something. Everyone is saying shit they know nothing about. I am not and never will be a marketing object. I’m just me and if you can’t handle it then suck my ass. I’ve been doing this shit over ten years now and I’m still just as down & out as I was then. Maybe worse. There’s [too] many fat fucking cocksuckers that don’t even have the balls to hang out with me ripping me off now, Black And Blue Records being one. But let me tell you one thing cunt, I have been married, divorced, through abortions, pregnancies (with girls), drugs, alcohol and 6 parents who I fucking wish would all die. Maybe a couple did. Broken bones, hospitals, jails etc. etc. And you’re going to tell me it’s an act. Well, Little Cunt, you’ve got a lot to learn as does everybody else…including my record co. (Who I could give a shit about at this time). Fuck all of you, you’ll never know or tame me. I’ll admit that I have raped and beaten a few girls. But so fucking what, they deserved it. I’ve always been a loner in this life. But so will we all be in the ground. No one will hear you scratching.

GG Allin
PO Box 704
Oak Lawn, ILL 60454
(312) 687-0941

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