Thursday 24th September 2020,
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Flipside — “Letters – GG Allin Himself” — GG Allin (1990)


GG Allin Himself


I say the judicial system and the fucking pigs have gone too far. Today, I was sentenced to 1 ½ years in prison. But it doesn’t stop there. I was also informed today that New Haven, Ct. now has a hold on me and will extradite me there when this is over on charges of indecent exposure, indecent exposure to minors and intent to do great harm to minors from a show we did there in August. It’s a fucking conspiracy. They’re just afraid of anyone who is willing to challenge the system’s ideals and of the real underground. They have no fucking right to tell us what we can and cannot do. Do what you will, that’s the whole of the law. The fact is that this affects the limits in which we as individuals are allowed to go. I say there should be no limits. Who are these fat rich pigmen to decide for us? Who is the law to decide my rock and roll lifestyle?! Just because they’re afraid of my reality. Now Homestead Records is cleaning out their warehouse of my records as advised by their lawyers and record stores are being raided with my records being impounded. We must fight and do it now to stop these public authorities of this fucking censorship. Well this definitely fucks up my plans. But NOT for good. I will get out one day. When I do, I will proceed with my plans, I will not be broken. The Scumfuc tradition will live on. When I get done with my time I am going out on one of the hardest road trips known to man. I will show the world the most chaos and destruction it has ever seen.

GG Allin

PS: Anybody who wants to contact me should write to GG Allin – POB 704,
Oak Lawn, IL
They will inform you of my prison address.

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