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Flipside — “Letters – Don’t Understand” — 1988

Don’t Understand

Dear Flipside,

Maybe I’m missing something…maybe I’M wrong, but what is the reason, and what is the meaning of publications like yourself (which I think generally generate and support positive and beneficial outlooks), doing interviews and supporting someone like GG Allin? Now, I by no means am saying I don’t think the man has a right to sing [?] about the trash and general stupidity he does, it’s fundimental and important for everyone that he does have this right. I don’t understand why you’d choose to support it and him. As I said before, maybe I’M wrong, and if I am, please fill me in. But as of right now, when I look at what GG Allin is doing, I think it’s ridiculous. Not only are his lyrics and attitude (esp. about women), twisted, but his entire production (yes, I think his whole act is a production), is contrived (regardless whether or not he means or doesn’t mean the things he attempts to portray). Why don’t we go back to the very basic things like Madonna – who gets 99% of her popularity due to her stupidity and small amounts of clothing – we all laugh as her and her publicity games and corporate sponsors, but then we can turn around and support (and you interviewed him) GG Allin. HIS whole realm is a scheme too and although it’s not corporate or sexy, his popularity is based on the same bullshit as here (look at it from the moralistic and realistic point of view – not from the corporate) GG Allin offends me. Maybe it’s because I’m female, maybe because I’m 16…but I don’t think so. Supporting freedom of speech is important. Supporting – meaning letting him do what he wants – but that doesn’t mean you do an interview with him…Maybe you should interview child molesters and rapists off the street, too. At least they’d know or be able to speak with a bigger vocabulary that he manages to. Many people have slagged on the Yeasty Girlz (Yes I am an East Bay Gilman St. Geek), for their approach and usage of “freedom of speech” but they have a purpose and meaning. They have a point. I don’t want to compare them to him (it’s an insult to them), but they both are doing things out of the ordinary, only I can’t see why GG Allin’s considered so great. Read Maximum RNR – he’s mentioned in scene reports, they interviewed him too WHY? The Yeasty Girlz on the other hand are doing something great, and I’m happy to have seen them perform. Their approach to women’s rights is great. But what is GG doing that’s great that we all should support him? This bothers me because why would a worthwhile publication like yourself want to support trash? Most everything you portray is good. Didn’t you spend about 3 issues combating Paul and his fascists views? Why don’t you just start interviewing and supporting him too? Hell, interview Screwdriver while you’re at it. I don’t know…I’m just sort of confused right not. Thankyou for your time and thankyou for doing Flipside all this time.

Take Care

Response [verbatim]:

“Thankyou so very much for writing in [][]¢ hugs. Tim Stegall did the interview. We have a few Mail-in correspondents who do work for us. And this is his pet. I agree with you…I think GG Allin is sick…but he is so sick that he is funny. Don’t you think? Did you ever think that while we are laughing at people like Madonna, that maybe she is laughing right back in our faces??? I am sure GG Allin is laughing at us all…!!! And he has been around since 78 or so…??? Can you believe that??? We here a Flipside interviews all sorts of bands…and we feel it is up to people like you to write us and tell us how you feel. Doesn’t it make you fell good to state you opinion!! Isn’t it important that you let GG know what you think off him? (And he most likely will read the letter you wrote!!) Life is ugly as well and beautiful…and that is what I feel we we should let our readers see!! A full panoramic view…Honey. All the colors from white to black…Now, I would not have done the interview with GG myself and believe me…if I see him I’ll keep my distance…he he…I feel humor is in order here, ??? Maybe Tim Stegall will respond to your letter too? – Hudley ;>¢ wink”

Flipside – #56 – 1988

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