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Flipside — GG Allin Arrested! — Linda Perry(?) (1989)

GG Allin Arrested!

33 year old GG Allin, proclaimed King of the Underground by many, was arrested Sept. 9 on Cicero Ave. in Oaklawn, Il. After attempting to withdraw money from his savings account en route to a Rolling Stones concert. The arrest was made after an investigation by the FBI when John Hinkley, former President Ronald Reagan’s attempted assassinate, received a letter from GG Allin. Also contributing to his arrest are a disgruntled roommate in Chicago, Il. and an angered club owner/ex-Disappointment member, in Muskegon, Mi. GG is being held on 3 charges – the usual indecent exposure, one account of assault and battery, and a felony charge of assault with intent to do great bodily harm less than murder. This bogus charge arose many months after an incident which took place at 717 N. 4th Ave. in Ann Arbor, Mi.

Former girlfriend, Leslie Marie Morgan, who had been with GG approximately one week, staying at a Muskegon hotel with him, then inviting him and the band ‘the Disappointments’ to Ann Arbor to participate in open-mike night at UM’s east Quad, is pressing the charges of “less than murder.”

According to Disappointment band members T. Ricky Insult and Big Bad Bob, the incident was all her idea. She had herself handcuffed to a bed and then proceeded to tell GG and band members things she wanted done to her – things which included cutting her clothes off and cutting her stomach and breasts, both done with her own butterfly knife. The story gets a little sketchy here – alcohol contributing quite a bit all around. Not once did she cry out, in pain or for help. The next morning, after taking T. Ricky and Big Bad Bob out for breakfast, she bought another bottle, finishing it within the hour of their return. She then began breaking all the mirrors and windows in her own apt., walking and falling in the shards in a drunken stupor. She even attempted to break a window, which she had previously broken and had replaced with plexi-glass. She quieted down after GG hit her on the head with a bottle, and things carried on as before, with Leslie still housing GG and the band for about 3 days after the incident. She was still sending love letters and having long phone conversations with GG after that night. She even kept in touch with the Disappointments, their last letter dated 24 August 1989, 16 days before GG’s arrest. T. Ricky and Big Bad Bob claim Leslie asked GG to marry her, and that she was mad the next morning only because other Disappointment members didn’t come in and masturbate on her face and breasts.

Now she is claiming GG burnt and beat her, and she is pressing charges for unknown reasons, for money, fame, or more likely, both.

Bail donations, which is being held at $10,500, are more than welcome. Though they’re not tax-deductible, donations will receive receipt and full compensation.

For more information, updates and bail donations, write to us at our new address:

GG Allin and Linda Perry
POB 0851, Muskegon, MI 49443

GG’s writings from Ann Arbor Jail…

Human species of elastic babies
come forward the open desert
(unknown) sand through revolving universes
come wild love to unventured trails

[The remainder of GG Allin’s writing is not shown. Article was shown in, and transcribed from, the GG Allin – Live and Pissed 1988 DVD. – EK]1)http://www.oocities.org/ekx001/MG/FS89MG.html

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  • nancystimans@gmail.com

    So…this bitch passed out while partying w gg. Later on gg wanted her to wake up which she wouldn’t…he told me he torched her leg w a propane torch .guess the bitch then …got the fuck up. She didn’t. Deserve to chills my boy. G.g. hell no!

    • nancystimans@gmail.com

      If you can’t chill with the big dogs…you know the rest.and don’t come to manch-vegas. We don’t snitch…expect the unexpected at all hours …yea…..

      • lilibaskin

        So Lets chill..I’ll freakin crack you over your head and slice your tits…then when your dead passed out, Ill put a blow torch to your leg…just like gg did….cool, dog? But don’t snitch…….

    • lilibaskin

      Yeah…Makes real sense doesnt it? maybe you’d like to get woken up with a blow torch….thats something a sane person does? Anyone who believes thats the reason he did that, and not that he was just a real cruel sick asshole is just as F’d up as he was to do that to a human being

  • nancystimans@gmail.com

    There’sa band still playing gg music…original peeps like aAl chapple. …in Manchester n.h.

    • lilibaskin

      BIG fan club for your worm hero….looks like its you

    • lilibaskin

      “You live life.you love life…you cherish your life. I’m attending school. Very soon at Voch. Rehabilitation’s..joining planet fitness.keep your life basic and stay humble..sometimes you just have to demand respect.life is good.with all my faith, in God…..yea. also, I play cribbage tournaments throughout Manchester..”

      AWWWW SO SWEET…..WERE YOU IN AN ALCOHOLIC BLACKOUT WHEN YOU POSTED THIS ON YOUR FACEBOOK PAGE ABOUT YOURSELF…..How do you put your faith in God and then post this absolute vicious bullshit about GG ‘s victim, and what she deserved….I can’t believe a word you say