Saturday 26th September 2020,
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Flipside — Excerpt: Iggy Pop Interview — Nardwuar, Issue 117

…Nardwuar: What do you think, Iggy, of GG Allin? He was totally inspired by you. Iggy, you started it and GG finished it!

Iggy: Did he get the “GG” like from my “GG’s” in “Iggy”?

Nardwuar: Probally. I’m not sure. But I know he was totally influeneced by you.

Iggy: That’s what somebody told me, that he called himself GG from my “GG’s”

Nardwuar: What did you think of him? What did you think of his performance? Did you ever listen to his stuff? Did you ever see him?

Iggy: No, I never saw him, but I think GG’s a pretty cool name…

Scuz would like to point out that: GG was born Jesus Christ Allin (obviously) nor he or merle could say the name right so thats where ‘GG'(Je Je) came from.



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