Tuesday 15th October 2019,
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Flipside — Excerpt: Iggy Pop Interview — Nardwuar, Issue 117

…Nardwuar: What do you think, Iggy, of GG Allin? He was totally inspired by you. Iggy, you started it and GG finished it!

Iggy: Did he get the “GG” like from my “GG’s” in “Iggy”?

Nardwuar: Probally. I’m not sure. But I know he was totally influeneced by you.

Iggy: That’s what somebody told me, that he called himself GG from my “GG’s”

Nardwuar: What did you think of him? What did you think of his performance? Did you ever listen to his stuff? Did you ever see him?

Iggy: No, I never saw him, but I think GG’s a pretty cool name…

Scuz would like to point out that: GG was born Jesus Christ Allin (obviously) nor he or merle could say the name right so thats where ‘GG'(Je Je) came from.



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  • nancystimans@gmail.com

    I remember gg saying that he did meet Iggy….so did Alan chapple bass player for gg allin.

  • nancystimans@gmail.com

    Gg did not get his name from Iggy pop c’mon people put your thinking caps on ..his brother Merle called him gg because he couldn’t pronounce Jesus Christ .wow…your all batting fucking zero’s here.lmao

  • nancystimans@gmail.com

    Hey if your reading my shit(Al chapple). I miss your naked crazy ass…find me on face book OK.much love. Nancy