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Destroy TV — Interview with Merle and GG Allin — April, 1993 (Transcript)

Included on the Res-Erected compilation LP (ROIR, 1999) as a five-part interview.


GG Allin: This is GG Allin

Merle Allin: And I’m Merle Allin.

GG: And we’re the band the Murder Junkies, and we’re out for revenge and we’re out for- to put danger back on the road and use our rock ‘n roll as a weapon against society, the government, the industry and anything that stands in our way.

Merle: We basically started playing with GG, probably a couple of years ago, as the Murder Junkies, and we’ve been with him ever since. We just finished recording a brand new album and we’ll be touring the middle of May ’til around the middle of June, all around the country.

GG: I mean we’re basically- I live on the road anyway, so I mean life’s just one big tour

* * *

Merle: We started our last tour in February of ’92. The tour lasted six shows, and in that time GG was arrested twice. The last show was Austin, Texas, where he was arrested for indecent exposure, and disorderly conduct.

GG: Assault and battery.

Merle: Assault and battery, and that stemmed from the show, but they decided to extradite him back to Michigan where he had a warrant. An outstanding warrant…

GG: I was on parole at the time and I just pretty much said “Fuck you,” to my parole agent, he had too many restrictions on me and I just couldn’t live by any sort of restrictions, so I gave him the big kiss-off and went out on the road anyway. We did three tours, I think we did about thirty-two shows and I think I got arrested about twelve or thirteen times, and there was cops at every show and I ended up in a hospital. I mean but thats… I mean when you go on tour with me you gotta expect somewhere down the line you’re gonna be in jail more than a few times, and you’re gonna end up in the jail or in hospital. So, it’s not like we go out on the road and its some great luxury tour, or anything, it’s more like a fuckin’ war.

Merle: We never expect to finish a tour when we start it out.

GG: Well, we barely expect to have finished a show. But that’s- I don’t care, I don’t care if I don’t finish a show. As long- If I fuck someone up, or if we fuck the club up, or… basically, if I can get my revenge, get that release out of me that I feel like getting out, then for me it’s a successful show, because I’m not out to please anybody except myself.

* * *

GG: Well, we grew up in New Hampshire, and being as we’re brothers, we tend— you know, there were a lot of times that we were quite apart from one another, because I’ve always been the type of individual who never really liked to be around people anyway, you know—family or anything. I’ve always been a loner, I’ve always been that one man army. You know, really hated people alot.

Merle: We basically hung out a lot with each other because we really didn’t have friends and no body else really understood what we wanted to do…

GG: So you know, basically, we never wanted to work and music was like our revenge. So, what we would do was just steal, or break into houses or sell drugs or whatever we could do to make any kind of money at all… and it was easy, we never got- well, we almost got caught a few times.

Merle: We got caught a few times…

GG: But, I mean it didn’t matter because I mean, it’s just pretty much the way I feel now, I think violence is a very important thing and I think if you want somethin’ you just got to take it. You know, I don’t have time to waste on submitting a piece of paper or goin’ to a protest rally, if I want somethin’ I can just fuckin’ take it or I can hold you up or stick a gun in your face or whatever I got to do, and that’s pretty much what we do on stage as well. I mean, I’ve had people on stage, I’ve held hostages on stage, I’ve had a girl one time at knife point – I had a knife to her throat, and then I… One time I was in Connecticut, there was like a whole lot of these people that didn’t wanna pay to get in and it was this real preppy type of college that really sucked, so we let them all in and they thought “wow, we’re gettin’ into the show for free” and then I went out, beat the shit out of them and stole their money anyway.

* * *

GG: I got three years in prison, and basically the whole time I was in prison I was seeing psychiatrists, and they were trying to find out what made me be this person. And the whole time I was goin’ I would just build this wall around myself, like I’ve doen throughout life, and I just blocked everything out, because I don’t personally care what anybody thinks about what I do, because it’s not gonna stop me from doin’ it. No amount of jail or prison time is gonna stop me from being who I am. Um… what were we gonna?

Merle: As far as the punk rock scene…

GG: Yeah, you know, I’ve got a lot of letters from kids all around the world, but you have to sort out who’s really in it for real and who’s in it just because they think its cool. If they’re in it just because they think it’s cool, you know, they’re not any friend of mine and they don’t beleive in what I beleive in. I bet there’s a real hardcore following of people out there that want a revolution and want to destroy the music industry, and the punk scene to me, especially right now… and the whole heavy metal thing is pretty fraudelent these days and you got a lot of bands putting on costumes, and you got a lot of bands saying things they really don’t believe because they think it’s the thing to say. I’ve done this for fifteen years and this is how I look all the time, it’s not… it’s a very real thing for what we do, and I don’t think think a lot of bands are putting their life into it. I think for a lot of them, they’ve used the underground as sort of a stepping stone for the major label sell-out, with this big fucking so-called ‘Alternative’ label, now, and it’s basically all pretty fucking lame, and those are the people that I’d like to fuckin’ kill.

* * *

GG: Somebody asked us the other day why we can’t get a show in New York City, and it might have something to do with the Space at Chase show that we did… what, back in ’91-2?

Merle: Yeah, well it was over fifteen months ago… the show lasted seven minutes and uh…

GG: There were three police cruisers and two ambulances and… the cops came in and shut us down and ever since then none of the clubs of New York will touch us. But I mean, to me its all like these people in New York are more concerned about how they look and how many fucking people they can hold on to to climb up the social ladder. You know, we’re just not involved in that game at all, we’re just… if I see a crowd of people, and they’re a bunch of trendy people I’m just gonna go up and fuck ’em up, and just knock their fuckin’ face-… just punch them in their fuckin’ face, you know, coz I just don’t have time for that. If you cant make it on your own, and you gotta climb using someone else, then you’re obviously a fraud to begin with, so…

* * *

Merle: I think this tour is gonna be the most violent tour yet, and we’re basically out to get everybody in our fuckin’ way, and uh…

GG: And we’d like to say to New York, why don’t you give us a fuckin’ show, and not be so(with Merle) fuckin’ lame!?

GG: Fuck you!

Merle: Fuck you New York!

GG and Merle: ♫  It’s up to you, fuuck you Newwww Yoooorrrkk! ♫ 

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