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Dalton Police Dept. — Case No. 1-92-000960 — Narrative #1 (13 Feb., 1992)

Narrative #1

Original Report
Reported By: Henderson, Timothy C.

On 021392 at approx. 22:00 hours myself along with Det. Leonard and Det. Wayne Saylors went to The Wall Skateboarding, Inc. in reference to check out a complaint that they were running a dance establishment. We all paid an admission price of $7.00 each to get in. When we entered they had a live band performing and people were on the dance floor dancing (slam dance). While we listened to the band we noticed several underage persons walking around drinking beer in cans and also see through cups. It was my thought at this time that had someone been watching this, they could notice the beer drinking without any problems. At one point a white male was on the upstairs spitting beer on myself, along with Det. Leonard and Saylors. We were in the establishment approx. thirty minutes when this first band finally quit performing and through conversation with the crowd we found out that the feature attraction was fixing to perform. A short time later we noticed the other band began to head to the stage, at which point I noticed one of the band members walk to the stage wearing a see through pink outfit, with which his penis was fully exposed. This band member was the drummer for the G.G. Allin band and he walked through the crowd several times and at one point another band member grabbed the drummer’s penis, and asked him how it was shaking. A short period of time later, the band was on stage and when they began to play the music, G.G. Allin jumped onto the stage wearing a black T-Shirt and a black G-String and a pair of shoes. When he began to sing he pulled the shirt off leaving only the G-String and shoes. G.G. Allin jumped off the stage while singing and began to fight several of the spectators. A couple of the spectators got their lips busted in the fights, G.G. Allin also sustained a black eye while performing.

I advised Det. Leonard to leave and call Lt. Black and advise him of the violence and nudity while I stayed with Det. Saylors. After Leonard left it really got crazy, the Allin subject was chasing kids out the front door and all over the building. I left at this time to try and make contact with Lt. Black myself.

After making contact I went back into the building at which time Mr. Allin was nude, and during this last song Mr. Allin had a bowel movement on stage and began throwing it into the crowd and he placed the microphone in his rectum and then began licking it.

A very short time later the band quit performing and several city units, along with county units arrived at the scene where several persons were arrested for underage consumption and several other reasons. (See additional pages for individual arrests).

TICKET #53783 Obstruction of an Officer and TICKET #53784 Disorderly Conduct. Ms. Alexander had been standing outside The Wall while several of the patrons inside The Wall were being arrested for various offenses. Ms. Alexander and several other people were asked to move from the front area of The Wall in order for the officers to have clearance to their patrol units. The area had been cluttered with people and vehicles, so Sgt. Coker advised everyone outside to move away. Ms. Alexander stated she did not have to move, but when approached moved out into the roadway. When Ms. Alexander got into the roadway she stated “Fuck you, I am free.” At this time Sgt. Coker and Sgt. Dyer attempted to arrest her. When Ms. Alexander refused physically Sgt. Dyer used cap stun to prevent any physical injury. Ms. Alexander was then arrested and transported to W.C.S.O.

TICKET #53676 Indecent Exposure and TICKET #53677 Disorderly Conduct. Mr. Allin was the lead singer in a band which was performing at The Wall. While singing Mr. Allin got nude and chased patrons outside. Mr. Allin also threw his microphone at patrons and even got into confrontations with some patrons. Mr. Allin final encore was a one and only bowel movement on stage. Mr. Allin was confronted and arrested after the uniform officers arrived at the scene. Mr. Allin was arrested and transported to W.C.S.O.

TICKET #53782. Ms. Johnson was stopped inside The Wall. Ms. Johnson registered .03 GMS on an Alco Sensor Check. Due to Ms. Johnson’s age she was arrested and transported to W.C.S.O.

TICKET #53781. Mr. Walker had been a patron inside The Wall. After The Wall was closed due to disorderly behavior, Mr. Walker was administered a Alco Sensor Test which registered 015 GMS. Mr. Walker was arrested and transported to W.C.S.O.

TICKET #53680. Mr. Chestnut had been advised several times to leave the area in front of The Wall by Sgt. Coker. After the offender refused the request by Sgt. Cocker the offender was arrested for obstruction and transported to W.C.S.O.

TICKET #53675. Mr. Sachs was a band member at The Wall. Mr. Sachs’s clothing was a piece of pink see through plastic. Mr. Sachs’s penis was very visible and he was arrested for indecent exposure. Mr. Sachs was transported to W.C.S.O. and released.

TICKET #53678 for Indecent Exposure and TICKET #53679 for Disorderly Conduct. Mr. Harvey was a patron of The Wall and while inside the business he became disorderly and threw beer on other patrons. Also when G.G. Allin began getting nude Mr. Harvey dropped his pants on the dance floor and started shaking his penis at the crowd. After the officers arrived Mr. Harvey was arrested and transported to W.C.S.O.

TICKET #53848. Ms. Adams was inside The Wall and had been consuming alcohol. Ms. Adams registered .02 GMS on the Alco Sensor. Ms. Adams was arrested and transported to W.C.S.O.

TICKET #53847. Mr. Honeycutt was inside The Wall and had been consuming alcoholic beverages. Mr. Honeycutt registered 0.4 GMS on Alco Sensor. Mr. Honeycutt was arrested and transported to W.C.S.O. It is unknown whether Mr. Honeycutt consumed the alcohol before entering The Wall or after his entry.

TICKET #53846. Mr. Booth was inside the wall and had been consuming alcoholic beverages. Mr. Booth registered .05 GMS on the Alco Sensor. Mr. Booth could have consumed the alcohol prior to entering The Wall.

TICKET #53845. Mr. Meadows was consuming alcoholic beverages at or around The Wall. Mr. Meadows registered .05 GMS on the Alco Sensor. Mr. Meadows was arrested and transported to W.C.S.O.

TICKET #53844. Mr. Subbotin was arrested for Underage Consumption of Alcohol. Mr. Subbotin registered .09 GMS on a Alco Sensor.

TICKET #53843. Mr. Hyde was arrested inside The Wall for Underage Consumption of Alcohol. Mr. Hyde registered .03 GMS on the Alco Sensor.

TICKET #53842. Mr. Alvarez is a part owner of The Wall. Due to the obvious consumption of alcohol on the premise by adults and minors, Mr. Alvarez was fully aware of the nude singing and made no attempt to stop the concert, so Mr. Alvarez was charged with disorderly house too cleared by arrest.

Timothy C. Henderson

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