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Circuit Court for the County of Washtenaw — Case Number – 89-24090 FH: Impact Statement — Leslie Morgan, Kevin M. Allin

Victim’s Impact Statement

Myself, Mr. Allin and Mark arrived at my house at approximately 10:45 p.m., Sunday, April 9, 1989. David, Roy and Bob arrived at my home at approximately 11:30 p.m. Mr. Allin, myself and Mark went to Capitol Market and bought some alcohol. I later on went to Stop and Go on East University with Bob and bought some beer. I went on to consume, what I imagine to have been, quite a lot of alcohol. I went on to become completely intoxicated. At some point between approximately 3:00 a.m. on Monday, April 10, 1989, and approximately 8:00 a.m., Monday morning, I was handcuffed. I awoke or came to, to find myself lying on my bed on my stomach. My hands were bound behind my back. My shirt had been removed and was torn up. It was wrapped around the handcuff chain. I had been violated. This may or may not be of interest to you, but I feel it is pertinent. The thing about this episode I remember most and what I was reactionary to was that the situation I was in was somewhat secondary to the immense panic that I was feeling about my left hand. I could feel that it was swelling up. Any movement caused immense pain to my wrist. I am left handed and the one thing in my life I’ve always done and hoped to do was write. Obviously, in retrospect I was not in the least bit control of my situation. But I thought by acting as though I was unaffected by what had been done to me, the excitement of those who did this to me might fade. At this point I was just trying to calm myself down enough to outfox these guys, so to speak. I became vocal and was obsessing my anger over this in terms of “O.K. I relinquish the fact that you guys had your fun with me but enough is enough, my God Damn hand could become damaged if someone doesn’t get these handcuffs off from me.” I remember Mr. Allin coming into my room and he led me to believe that Roy, who owned the handcuffs, would not give him the key. He seemed to have been interested in trying to get the handcuffs off me. But any time he would touch the handcuffs it would hurt me really bad. I was I was becoming more and more angry and frightened. I became completely hostile. Eventually Roy came into my room and unlocked the handcuffs. I was calm for perhaps three minutes, long enough to get dressed. Then I went downstairs to where Roy and Bob and Mark and Dave were sleeping and I begun to yell at them. Obviously, I had no idea of the type of guys I was dealing with. I actually thought that what had been done to me was meant more as a “joke on the drunk girl.” I thought I could somehow show them the futility of their prank because I didn’t care. I only was concerned that out of a joke I could have been seriously injured. I didn’t understand at that point that serious injury to me was the intent.

What anyone interested in this case must understand is that from the point when I came to find myself handcuffed and violated I really lost sight of the entire situation. I saw it as them having control over me for a certain amount of time and my mind became interested in one thing only. Regaining control. I would not at any point from then on admit to anyone that I had lost control. I knew it. Boy did I know it. But I wouldn’t let them know it.

About 11 a.m. on Monday, April 10, 1989, myself, Bob and Dave went to Bill’s Coffee Cup for breakfast. Bob and Dave basically skipped out on their bill. I paid. We went to Capitol Market buying more alcohol and returned to my house at approximately 12:30 p.m. I consumed more alcohol. Acquaintances of mine began to come over at about 2:00 p.m. It was a party-type atmosphere at my house. Well, at about 3:00 p.m. I just went off. I remember just losing it. I was angry, I was embarrassed. I was ashamed of what happened the night before. I was confused. I had become aware that these people in my house meant absolutely nothing to me. That I meant absolutely nothing to anyone. I became incredibly hostile again. I was beginning to see the entire situation as no less than discussing. I was realizing that no one cared about anything at all other than getting drunk and high and talking nonsense. This conflict inside of me really began to build. I had invited these people to my home. I became aware that I had relatively little interest in them and people were coming over to my house with no regard to myself but to see these guys who were worthless. So I set out to disrupt it. I began breaking things. I became completely aggressive. But my aggression was not directed toward anyone other than myself. I was not picking fights. I was not aggressive toward anyone in particular I was fighting with myself.

At approximately 3:30 p.m. Mr. Allin decided to “calm me down”. I was sitting down in a chair and he hit me in the face. A bit stunned, I protested verbally. He hit me again and broke a bottle of beer over my head. I think it quickly became obvious to most everyone that a bad situation was developing. Some people left and others chose to stay and witness the spectacle.

Mr. Allin just like everyone else in my home had a choice to make. If my behavior was unpleasant, disagreeable or even frightening I can understand that. I had made absolutely no pretense as to my behavior on Monday afternoon. However, if at any point Mr. Allin found my behavior to be objectionable, he should have left. Instead, he chose to absolutely terrorize me throughout the next twelve hours. The injuries I received spoke of a very specific desire and intent. Mr. Allin methodically and successfully subjected myself to his desire to harm and defile me. I became witness to one victim of Mr. Allin’s sadistic tendencies. Mr. Allin said things to me on and after April 10th that made it very clear to me that he meant to cause me great amounts of pain, suffering and disfigurement. Throughout Monday evening and night Mr. Allin exhibited violence upon me in an episodic fashion. Each episode seemed to entail a specific theme. Each time Mr. Allin would enter my room it would begin the same. I would struggle with him until he would physically dominate me. At which point he would put his hands around my neck and choke me into a semi-conscious state of exhaustion. Mr. Allin did not seem to want me to be unconscious. Once somewhat alert Mr. Allin would verbally indulge me with his intentions.

I remember Mr. Allin being atop me and he was shoving cigarettes into my mouth. He had one hand up around my throat and with it he would choke me. When I would gag he would put them into my mouth. I would spit them out at him and he would choke me more. He would hit me about my head.

Eventually I would pass out.

While atop me again Mr. Allin had his hand on my neck and in the other he had a large glass of liquid. In the glass there were a lot of mashed up cigarettes. He would choke me and when I would gag he would pour it down into my mouth. He kept saying I should drink it because I like to smoke and drink so much. I clenched my teeth really tight even when he was choking me so he poured it all over my face.

I remember Mr. Allin being atop me and he was teasing me with a lit cigarette. He would put it close to me face and then pull it back. Saying, “Oh you really think I’m going to burn your precious face?” He tried to put a lit cigarette into my mouth. He had his knees on my upper arms so I couldn’t get him off me. I wouldn’t open my mouth. He burned my right check twice with a lit cigarette.

I remember Mr. Allin being atop me again choking me. I was rather limp. He began cutting me. He was cutting at my chest. He said it was beautiful. Like painting a picture. He wanted my breasts to bleed more. He gouged at my left breast with I think a piece of broken glass. When it began to bleed more he said again how beautiful it was. That my breast looked like crying eyes.

I remember him cutting my thigh. He was sort of digging at it. He was using this black metal dagger. He kept going over it.

The last time I remember Mr. Allin atop me he was choking me. I was done. No more fighting. I was very calm. I shut my eyes and at that point I was sure death was a good possibility. I remember Mr. Allin slapping at my head. He kept saying “Wake up, wake up you fucking bitch wake up.” I just drifted off.

I woke up sometime later. I was lying on my bed. My arms were up over my head. I can only think that I had been unconscious because I could not feel it. I could hear him. I looked over my shoulders and I saw Mr. Allin. He was kneeling on my floor but toward my leg. In one hand he had a white cigarette lighter, in the other hand he had a candlestick with a candle in it. The candle was lit. I saw him spit onto my leg and put the flames on my leg. I just starred at him. About 30 seconds later Roy walked into my room and said “G.G. what the fuck were you doing?” Mr. Allin looked at Roy and said “I am trying to wake her up.”

That was it. He got up and walked out of my room.

About 45 minutes later the police arrived at my house. I would not let them in. I did not know what to do. At that point I couldn’t really feel any pain. I knew a very terrible thing had been done to me. I knew Mr. Allin and his band were leaving on Wednesday morning. I really thought it best to just remain calm until they left and then deal with the situation. I felt as though Mr. Allin had done what he did to me on a “whim,” if you will, I was apprehensive of what he might do should he have a reason to hurt me.

— Leslie Morgan

Offender’s Version Of The Offense

I met Leslie M. Morgan at one of my shows in Detroit. I had never seen this girl before. She came backstage where I was getting ready and she tore her shirt off unzipped her pants and she jumped on me telling me how much she admired my work and that she wanted to marry me. I meet a lot of girls so I didn’t take it too seriously. Then after we were done with our set I was bleeding and she came back to clean me up and asked me to marry her again. She also danced for us on stage that night.

After the show we left town. I didn’t think that I would ever see or hear from her again. But about 1 week later I received a letter from Leslie still insisting she wanted to marry me and that I could come and camp out on her doorstep anytime I wanted. So I was scheduled to do 2 shows in Muskegon, Michigan, on April 9 and 10 and Leslie said she would come up to see me. When she got there I was sleeping at the Ice Pick (the club). So we decided to get a motel room a bit out of town so we could be alone. We stayed there 2 nights. The 1st night we got back after the gig we both were drunk and got drunker, I spread peanut butter on Leslie and performed oral sex with her while I masturbated. That was all that went on the first night.

The next day we woke up and we were bored. So we had a masturbation session to pass time. Then we went across the street to a bowling alley for a few beers. Then I played again the next night. After we returned to the room for our 2nd night we were both a bit drunk. We were having a great time. I took a can and bent it. I then told Leslie I was going to cut her breasts lightly. Just enough to draw a little blood. Nothing deep or stabbing. Then I licked the blood off her chest. She was never in any danger and she told me it was okay to do it. If she put up a fight the neighbors could have heard because the walls were paper thin. But she never complained. She had seen me do it to myself and she knew exactly what she wanted. She wanted me to do it so she could brag to her friends. I never once hit Leslie or burned her with cigarettes or made her drink anything! That is absurd! I have witnesses, then we were scheduled to play Toledo, Ohio the next weekend on Friday. So she invited us to come and stay at her house in Ann Arbor for the week and we could play at her house. We thought it was a good idea. So off we went. When we got there we all sat around and drank and listened to records. Leslie was drinking and smoking pot and she told Roy to handcuff her to the bed. So he did. I then went in and had oral sex with her and she urinated on me while I masturbated on her. We all continued drinking and Leslie was complaining about her wrists hurting. I even tried to get the handcuffs off her when I could not find Roy. When Roy did arrive to take the cuffs off she yelled at him to fuck off. But finally he let her out and Leslie and I past out and fell asleep in her bed. The next morning Leslie got up and took my bass player, and guitarist to breakfast. After breakfast Leslie bought a bottle of whiskey. When she returned back to her house she drank it and bitched because the rest of my band didn’t come in and masturbate on her face. The she proceeded to knock all the windows out of the house with her hands and feet until she got to one with plexiglass. Apparently she had done this sort of thing before. Then she fell and hit her head on the table. (I had witnesses) I believe she did more damage to herself than I ever did. I was still asleep. I was woken up by the noise. My band wanted to leave but she insisted we stay. So Roy and I took Leslie to her bed to sleep it off.

After about 5-6 hours Roy and I went to check on Leslie to see if she was all right. She still seemed drunk. Roy and I both lit a lighter and put it under one of her legs to make sure she was responsive. It was a complete accident that her leg was burned and nobody dripped wax in her wound. She had long pants on. I’ll admit that using a lighter was not the smartest thing we should have used to wake her. The only reason she was in the hospital so long is because she refused to go to get help for 4-5 days. After it happened we all told Leslie she should go and get her leg looked at. I was deeply concerned because I liked Leslie. But she refused and got up and drank more with us.

When we were laying beside each other that night, the police came to her house because of all of the noise. She informed them that everything was fine and to go away. We ended up staying a couple more days and she helped us get a show at the college. She even came to the show. We stayed another night. The next morning (Friday) we were getting ready to leave for Ohio. I gave Leslie a kiss and she informed me that everything was fine and that she still wanted to marry me.

— Kevin M. Allin

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