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Chic — “GG Allin: The Ultimate Punk” — Terry Snider (July, 1990)

On September 12, 1989, Kevin M. “G.G.” Allin was arrested for, and eventually convicted of, assault with intent to do great bodily harm less than murder. Approximately five months earlier he had met Leslie Morgan, who, according to witnesses, asked G.G. to tie her to a hotel bed and slash her breasts and stomach with her butterfly knife in conjunction with other violent sexual acts such as burning her with cigarette butts, pissing on her and stuffing her cunt with peanut butter. The abuse lasted at least two days, culminating one morning when she would not wake up. G.G., in an attempt to rouse her, lit Leslie’s left leg on fire, causing a third-degree burn which required a skin graft.

In addition to Miss Morgan’s complaint, it is G.G.’s contention that he has been followed by the FBI in connection with correspondence he had had with John Hinkley Jr. and John Wayne Gacy Jr.

The 33-year-old Allin is best known as a singer/songwriter who has fronted such puke-churning punk acts as the Disappointments, the Scumfucs and the Drug Whores. He has achieved international notoriety (and has been banned from nearly every live venue in the United States) for his repulsive live shows. Usually taking the stage in a soiled jockstrap, cowboy boots and a padlocked dog collar, Mr. Allin specializes in self-mutilation. He slices himself with broken glass, knocks his own teeth out with the microphone – which usually finds its way up his ass by the show’s end – shits and pisses onstage, and beats any fool who is stupid enough to get close

As if that weren’t enough, G.G. also has mapped a plan for his martyrdom. He says he’s going to take his own life onstage in front of an audience on Halloween night in 1991. According to former Disappointment’s drummer Mark, G.G. spoke of various methods of offing himself, including machine-gunning the audience and band before smoking the barrel himself or popping a lit stick of dynamite up his ass and diving into the crowd, taking as many of the Allin-following dupes with him as he can. Is this guy for real?

CHIC: When and where were you born?

ALLIN: Lancaster, New Hampshire, 1956. Jesus Christ Allin

CHIC: What does “G.G.” stand for?

ALLIN: It basically stands for Jesus Christ.

CHIC: How did you come up with G.G.?

ALLIN: It’s a nickname that the kids threw at me when we were growing up and hanging out and shit, and, uh, I don’t really know., but I guess it was just supposed to stand for Jesus, but it came out G.G., and it just stuck, you know? So what the fuck, I keep it.

CHIC: When did you first start performing?

ALLIN: My first band was Little Sisters [Date] and dates back to high school, because we were all selling acid and fucking little girls. Basically, you know, that was the first band. The second band was a band called Malpractice. Then after that it was G.G. Allin, and here I am.

CHIC: Your songs are very sexual, violent and very vulgar.

ALLIN: Well, it’s just basically about the street. It’s the way I grew up. Everything that I’ve been through in life will come out on vinyl because it just goes through my head, and there’s been a lot of violence in my life and a lot of sexual terror. I’ve been living on the road for the past 13 years, so there’s been a lot of shit going down.

CHIC: Your live shows have been documented with you performing naked, and –

ALLIN: Well, I’d say that we’re the most violent rock and roll band ever. I believe that rock and roll has completely sold out to the corporate, and it’s basically divided up, you know. What they’re trying to do is doing what they’re doing to me. They’re trying to either censor rock and roll, or they’re trying to put away the non-conformist. There’s no way I would compromise what I do onstage or anything, so they decided they’re gonna put me in jail. They used the Leslie thing, but basically I’m in here because of my reputation, and I refuse to sell out.

CHIC: With all the gouging, all the blood, knocking out your teeth, shitting onstage and eating it – is any of this stuff sexual or what?

ALLIN: Oh, yeah, absolutely. Well, I’ve had girlfriends that I pissed on. They pissed in my mouth, I’ve eaten their shit, you know. I’ve shit on other people. I mean, absolutely, there’s no good sex without danger involved.

CHIC: It’s also been reported that on numerous occasions you’ve attacked and attempted to rape women in your audiences.

ALLIN: Yeah.

CHIC: Is this because you can’t get laid otherwise?

ALLIN: Those things have happened, everything happened. I mean, our shows…like I say, it’s violent. It’s out there. It’s over the edge. I mean, when you’ve been in the hospital as many times as I have and in jail for what I’ve done onstage, you gotta know that it’s for real. You know, here I am sitting in prison right now because of it.

CHIC: You’ve announced that you’re going to kill yourself onstage. Why do you want to do that?

ALLIN: Well, I figure that would be the ultimate ending. The ultimate that’s-the-way-to-go, you know? After you go so far onstage, the furthest you could go is death.

CHIC: What kind of sex do you enjoy?

ALLIN: I like drinking piss a lot, and a lot of violent activity, and women who can do the same to me. I’m basically into anything that will make me come. I don’t really give a shit. I’ve gotten off on my mother’s underwear and my aunt’s underwear, fucking dogs and letting dogs suck my dick and whatever.

CHIC: What are your favorite drugs to do while having sex?

ALLIN: Well, my preference is heroin, but alcohol is always there. I’m a full-blown alcoholic, there’s no doubt about it. Since I’ve been arrested, I’ve gotta go to AA and NA, I’ve gotta go to psychotherapy. They say I have an anti-social personality disorder; they say I can’t get along with people, you know. I’m not supposed to act this way. It’s not normal human behavior, they say.

CHIC: How often do you masturbate?

ALLIN: Ah, shit. Fuck – all day, you know? Anytime I can. Five, six times a day, anytime, anywhere. Back of buses, fuckin’ anywhere, it doesn’t matter.

CHIC: It’s been said that you like to see how far you can shoot your load.

ALLIN: Yeah, I hit myself in the chin before.

CHIC: Is that the longest distance you’ve shot your load?

ALLIN: Yeah, pretty much. I almost got it right in my mouth. It’s like playing golf – you just gotta aim for the hole.

CHIC: In early 1989 you advertised that you were selling baggies of your cum for $3.00.

ALLIN: Well, I jerked off in baggies and would keep them in the refrigerator and sell them to people, and they’d send me a couple bucks. I mean, you figure you’re gonna fuckin’ jerk off anyway, so if you can sell it, sell it, you know? Then I used to go out to clubs and get girls to piss in cups for me, and I’d bring a little purse around with me, and I’d bring a camera, and I’d get a little thing of piss. Then I’d get their underwear, and I’d take a picture of them. Then I’d take all this home and put it in the refrigerator. I’d put the underwear into the piss to ferment it, and I’d stick the picture on it to label it. Then I’d take them out of the refrigerator to jerk off so I’d know what girl it was when I was drinking their piss and sucking their underwear. And I had a little refrigerator full of all these specimen containers with piss and underwear and the girls’ pictures and baggies of shit. Then I’d put the cum in there.

CHIC: How many baggies of your cum did you sell?

ALLIN: Well, I basically gave them all away. Nobody wanted to pay for it, you know. They didn’t know what kind of diseases were in there, but a lot of people wrote for it, and I sent them out.

CHIC: You also used to advertise free G.G. Allin records for soiled panties.

ALLIN: Yeah. I got a whole trunk of underwear. I got a whole fucking trunk. I’m telling you, girls would send it to me, and I was just sucking it up.

CHIC: What types of sexual diseases have you had?

ALLIN: Ah, just venereal diseases a few times. I don’t have AIDS yet, but I was tryin’. I put ads out. I’ve shared needles. The thing is, I’ve never been a careful person. I’m not the kind of person who worries about anything, you know. If death is around the next corner, then I’m gonna go around the corner and take my chances. I’m not afraid to die. I’m not afraid of death. I’m not afraid of anything.

CHIC: Does it bother you that you have a small dick?

ALLIN: As long as the fuckin’ thing works, I don’t give a shit about the size of it. I mean, what the fuck, that’s what I got, that’s what I gotta use, right?

CHIC: Who would you like to have sex with that you haven’t already?

ALLIN: Ah, man, any old fucking prostitute really. I think prostitutes turn me on more than anybody else. I don’t know. I like street girls. I don’t really care for anything else. I like girls who smell, and real nasty fucking girls, basically. Nobody in particular, just some nasty, smelly, little fucking cunt.

CHIC: You were recently sentenced to serve a year and a half in prison for what originally started off as the attempted murder of a girl named Leslie, who earlier asked you to marry her. What actually happened?

ALLIN: She was obsessed with me. She followed me around. She came to see me play in Detroit. She saw me do my show, she saw me slice myself, she saw me shit, she saw me attack people and beat people up. She even came backstage after the show and wiped the shit and blood off me. She came backstage and ripped her clothes off, and I finger-fucked her. She got what she deserved. Any girl that’s gonna hang around with me, what the fuck do they expect? They’re gonna get what they deserve. I’m the kind of guy who likes to try people; I like to see how far I can take things. She was a willing participant, and she didn’t have no complaints about anything that happened, and she bragged about it, so she got what she deserved.

CHIC: What actually happened on the night in question?

ALLIN: It wasn’t all one night. We hung out for two nights in Muskegon, and a lot of the shit happened in Muskegon. The peanut butter episode, the pissin’, the masturbating. It was a course of three or four nights. There was bloodshed on me as much as her. It was a violent sexual contact, but we both enjoyed it, we both climaxed from it. When Roy put the handcuffs on her, she didn’t complain – she loved it. She was yelling for the whole band to come in and jerk off in her face, you know? What the fuck – if a girl’s gonna hang around with guys like us, that’s what’s gonna happen.

CHIC: Did she lie at any time during the trials?

ALLIN: She lied the whole goddamn time, you know?

CHIC: What did she lie about?

ALLIN: Basically, blackmail is what it is. It was because I didn’t want to communicate with her anymore, so she decided to press charges. What the fuck? I mean, I talked to her on August 24th, and I got arrested September 9th, so figure that one out.

CHIC: So you did end up spending a couple nights in Muskegon?

ALLIN: Yeah, I spent a few nights in Muskegon, then we spent a week with her. She’s a useless fucking cunt anyway, really. I mean the story could go fucking on and on. I mean, it’s been a hell ride from the day I was born.

— Terry Snider

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