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Charging Affidavit – Case Number: 91059855 – Kevin M. Allin, Donald M. Sachs

Kevin M. Allin

On 11-18-91 at approx 2345 hrs Ofc(s) Browning and Arnott responded to 536 W. Church ref. a loud disorderly crowd. Upon arrival we observed a crowed of approx 75 people crowded around the outside front door. People from the crowd we yelling that there was a man inside “naked and eating shit.” We opened the front door and observed Def Allin laying on the floor totally nude, rolling his head in broken glass. Def Allin then stood up and walked south towards the stage exposing himself to a crowd of approx 20 people inside. The def was exposing his sex organs to the crowd. There was blood and human waste on the floor.

Victim Plotnick provided a written statement that the def came on the stage wearing a jacket then took it off and he was completely nude. Plotnick stated she did see his sex organs and the def ran around the club completely nude.

Victim Walker also stated she observed the def playing with his penis.

Witness Brown also stated the def was stripped naked exposing himself to the crowd.

The def was charged with exposure of sexual organs and transported to CBO
Officer Arnott #3008
reporting officer

Donald M. Sachs

On 11/18/91 at 2345 hrs. Officer Arnott and I, Ofc. Browning observed a large crowd of about 75 people standing outside the nightclub “Club Space Fish.” People from the crowd were yelling that there was a man inside naked on the floor “eating shit.”

We opened the front door and observed a w/m, co def Kevin Michael Allin, laying on the floor totally nude and rolling his head on broken glass. The Co-Def sexual organs were totally exposed in front of about 20 people inside the club. On the stage was the Def. Sachs who was also totally nude, except for shoes. He was playing a guitar and dancing around the stage. The Def. Sachs sexual organs were exposed and could be seen by the 20 patrons of the club.

Statements from several witnesses stated that the co-def had defecated in his hands and began eating it. Both defendants were arrested.

Officer Browning #1968
reporting officer

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