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“GG Allin — He’s Baaaack…” (AW 32, May 5, ’93)

“GG Allin — He’s Baaaack…” (AW 32, May 5, ’93)

G.G. Allin He’s baaaack… Are you still going to stick dynamite up your ass and blow yourself up on Halloween? I’m not making any promises on that. Right now, I’ve got too many battles to fight. It’ll still happen, probably [...]

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Unknown — “My Date with GG Allin” — Lisa Carver, 1988

Unknown — “My Date with GG Allin” — Lisa Carver, 1988

Lisa Carver — NOTE: GG Allin was a disgusting rock/performance guy who liked to shit onstage and chase people. As I liked to pee onstage and chase people, and we both came from New Hampshire, it seemed like we had a [...]

June 20, 2014 Literature, Magazines

GG Allin Interview — “Direct from The Adrian Correctional Facility!”

A pretty standard, run-of-the-mill interview with Polyurethane magazine. How old are you? It is not how old you are, but the convictions you carry. Why are you in jail? Felonious assault with a dangerous weapon.. but what it all comes [...]

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GG Allin’s Personal Scrapbook — c. 1991

“A Scrapbook of news articles and interviews, haplessly slapped together by the one and only GG Allin, given to me when I interviewed him in Tampa, for Rodent Cake magazine.” — G O D 1)https://archive.org/details/Ggsscrapbook Content Coming soon. Download Archive.org [...]

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