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Apocalypse Culture — “GG Allin: Portrait of the Enemy” — Adam Parfrey (1991)

Apocalypse Culture — “GG Allin: Portrait of the Enemy” — Adam Parfrey (1991)

G.G. Allin: Portrait of the Enemy (Apocalypse Culture) Pod People aspire to manicured destiny – soft, serene, controlled, filtering any information that does not impinge on their their pre-fab gestalt. Their retreat from reality is tempered with enough minor but [...]

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“I Was A Murder Junkie (The Last Days of GG Allin)” — Evan Cohen (1999, Recess Records)

Penned by Evan Cohen — who’d played with GG Allin & The Murder Junkies during the peak of Allin’s notoriety, coincidentally the last months of Allin’s life. I’ve provided two downloads. One’s a great high quality render, and a compressed [...]

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GG Allin’s Personal Scrapbook — c. 1991

“A Scrapbook of news articles and interviews, haplessly slapped together by the one and only GG Allin, given to me when I interviewed him in Tampa, for Rodent Cake magazine.” — G O D 1) Content Coming soon. Download [...]

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