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GG Allin & The Texas Nazis — Boozing And Pranks: Live! Dallas — 1985


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Boozing and Pranks

Recorded live at the Twilight Ballroom, Dallas TX. August 17 1985, during GG Allin’s Hated in the Nation tour.


  1. Hard Candy Cock
  2. Teacher’s Pet
  3. Eat My Diahrrea
  4. Cock on the Loose
  5. I Wanna Fuck Myself
  6. Needle Up My Cock
  7. Abuse Myself, I Want to Die
  8. I Wanna Fuck Your Brains Out
  9. Drink, Fight & Fuck
  10. Scumfuc Traditon
  • Original CD release was one continuous track, the LP’s tracks were Boozin’ & Pranks — Sides A and B


GG Allin & The Texas Nazis:
GG Allin – Vocals
Count Lyle – Guitar
Gene Perfect – Bass
Johnny Random (“Dil Do”) – Drums

Notes & Media


  • gg-boozinpranks-andrewLive from the notorious Hated in the Nation tour in Dallas with The Texas Nazis – the tour that found GG arrested in 3 states and banned for obscenity, disorderly conduct, drugs, and defication on stages – just a few of this outrageous animal’s primitive pranks. Hear GG being an obnoxious, wild, sick asshole while The Texas Nazis blast out loud, dangerous, distorted, trashy noise. GG ended up in the hospital after this gig for self-inflicted blood poisoning and a stab wound from a female bystander he tried to rape. More tasteless garbage from the most banned band. Hear it! Feel it!
    — Boozing and Pranks Liner Notes (Supersite, uncredited) 1)
  • (right) Unknown source — Review of Boozin’ & Pranks by Andrew
  • Live at the Twilight Ballroom, Dallas TX. August 17 1985.
  • See also: Aloha From Dallas, the 1995 US-CD reissue.
  • GG often referred to Boozin’ and Pranks as a bootleg release.



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